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Tag: minimum wages

Recommendation on raising minimum wage expected next year, says Kula

The Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) has asked the Pakatan Harapan government to raise the minimum wage to RM1,500 to ease the burden borne by the people, especially the younger generation.

Time to press ‘re-set’ button on hiring of foreign workers

It is high time the relevant ministry comes up with a clear policy on the hiring of foreign workers, and a review of the current processes.

Najib promises paternity leave, higher minimum wages

He says these Workers Day 'gifts' were to appreciate the hard work put in by workers.

Rahman: It’s an insult to say BR1M is corruption

Minister says BR1M helps re-balance the economy and is welcomed by the needy.

Mamak restaurant in Sydney pays dearly for underpaying workers

Court fines three of its operators a total of AUD300,000 for paying workers as little as AUD11 an hour.

Next minimum wage review in 2018

Productivity, cost of living and financial capability of employers will be taken into consideration when reviewing the minimum wage, says Human Resource Ministry.

Reconsider raising minimum wage, MEF urges govt

The Malaysian Employers Federation says the current poor economic climate is not the best time to increase minimum wages.