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Report on drowning of 6 firemen in Puchong to be tabled...

Measures to prevent such incidents in future will be announced later, says minister.

Puchong tragedy: Body of boy found in disused mining pond

Six firefighters had drowned while searching for his body yesterday.

MB orders council to close mining pool after drowning tragedy

It also announces RM20,000 aid to each of the six firemen who died in search for drowning victim.

I never expected such a tragedy, says dad of missing teen

Mohd Azzam Naim, whose son is feared to have drowned in a mining pool in Puchong, extends his condolences to the families of the divers who died looking for him.

Murder victims knew each other

Police are probing the link between the two men found dead in the boot of two cars last week.

Body in BMW boot: Victim a despatch clerk

Man found in the boot of car retrieved from a mining pool on Sunday was reported missing on May 2.

Contaminated water in mining pool too costly to treat

Sabah authorities were earlier considering treating the water in the disused mining pool to overcome the present water shortage.