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Shafie defends performance of Sabah ministers in federal Cabinet

The chief minister says while the country is the priority, his colleagues at Putrajaya have highlighted the concerns of the state over a number of issues.

Ministers’ competency

Many of our ministers have failed to demonstrate their proficiency on the subject matter of their ministries.

I told ministers not to go on ego trip, says Rafidah

Former minister says she also told cabinet members not to surround themselves with cronies, but some were stubborn.

Speak in one voice, Daim reminds ministers

He says the ministers, who are from different parties, shouldn't give differing views to the public as they are all part of the government.

Ministers should take leave if they want to campaign, Bersih says

The electoral watchdog says this is to prevent any perception that the EC is controlled by the government.

Explain, PAS says after minister reveals Cabinet posts not yet gazetted

The Islamist party says it is a serious matter as it involves the legality of Cabinet members' duties.

5 out of 10 a fair score for ministers by PM,...

He says it is a fair assessment from a person who has a lot of experience in the government.

PH in clear and present danger, Kadir Jasin reminds ‘unfriendly’ ministers

The PM's media adviser calls out ministers for their failure to address people's concerns, saying they and their aides have become less people-friendly than they were when in the opposition.

A court case reveals Umno’s past and PPBM’s possible future

A recent cheating case involving a former state Umno Youth leader who received a RM1 million kickback shows how trading takes place in the political marketplace.

Learn to delegate, expert tells PH ministers

Syed Arabi Idid says ministers have more than enough work without being caught up in every level of policy enforcement.

‘Principally wrong’ for ministers to hold events in Cameron Highlands, says...

Campaigning for the by-election should only start after nominations, asserts electoral watchdog.

MPs, stop bickering – you have a country to rebuild

We look on in frustration and hopelessness as we see the politicians whom we elected into office doing their best to break up the fragile harmony that we have woven.

Sri Lanka president names 30-member cabinet

The island nation was plunged into crisis in October after the president replaced the prime minister with former president without the backing of parliament, leading to protests and downgrades of the country's debt.

No more giving special haj quota to ministers or MPs

This is to ensure quota of 30,200 people allocated goes to qualified haj pilgrims.

Swiss president and two new ministers elected

The Swiss parliament picked Viola Amherd and Karin Keller-Sutter to fill two vacant ministerial spots, achieving near-gender equality in the cabinet.

Mahathir: Cabinet reshuffle only if PH parties insist

The prime minister says ministers will be given more time to gain experience as some are still operating in 'opposition' mode.

Four UK ministers on verge of quitting, EU rejects latest plan

May is trying to hammer out the final details of the British divorce deal but the talks have become stuck over how the two sides can prevent a hard border from being required in Ireland.

Work with government officials, Daim tells ministers

The former finance minister says it is of no use to have a good policy if there is no cooperation from government officials.

Dr M: It’ll take 2 years to set foundations for Malaysia’s...

The prime minister says Malaysia is now a 'half-dead' tiger but is optimistic the country will get back on its feet soon.

Speaker: Normal to have low attendance in Parliament

Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof says MPs and ministers also have other matters to attend to.

New Malaysia? No, only a new Putrajaya, says Wan Saiful

PPBM strategist says much needs to be done before a new Malaysia takes shape and PH may end up being a one-term government if it fails to carry out promised reforms.

UK PM May facing ministerial resignations over Brexit plan

That plan had already been savaged by European Union leaders in Salzburg earlier in the week, prompting May to defiantly challenge leaders of the bloc to come up with its own plans.

I’m not happy with my ministers, says Dr M

The prime minister says there are still unresolved matters more than three months after the Cabinet was formed.

Second resignation as Macron shuffles cabinet

Macron was already seeking a replacement for environment minister Nicolas Hulot, whose shock resignation last week caught France's political establishment off guard.