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Tag: minorities

Stop bowing to pressure from minorities, Perak mufti tells govt

Harussani Zakaria appears to back the stand of his Perlis counterpart in defending Zakir Naik and criticising Dong Zong.

Romania’s ‘Roma palaces’, a status symbol for poor minority

In one of the EU’s poorest nations, Roma palaces dot the countryside.

London Latino heartlands struggle for survival

Redevelopment projects have raised fears cherished enclaves within London’s Latin communities could be destroyed.

Nominated assemblymen posts for minority groups, Usno reminds Shafie

It says the appointment of Sabah DAP treasurer Loh Ee Eng, who is originally from Penang, does not reflect Warisan's promise to protect the rights of Sabahans.

Women, minorities make modest gains in Hollywood

A study says films with more diverse casts, such as the hit movies 'Crazy Rich Asians' and 'Black Panther', fare better at the box office.

An eye for an eye will leave Malaysians blind

While the country mourns Adib's sad demise, the Muslim Malays can turn it into a golden opportunity to showcase to all Malaysians and the world at large the glory and beauty of Islam, as a religion of mercy to mankind.

Nobel laureate urges Yazidi protection until IS leaders tried

Murad also renewed calls for Iraq and other countries to investigate the fate of members of her Yazidi minority kidnapped by IS.

Spider-Man is back on screen, but this time he’s black and...

Step aside, Peter Parker. There's a new Spidey in town. Hello, Miles Morales.

Rihanna turns down Super Bowl show, backs Kaepernick

RIhanna declined in support of Kaepernick, the first player to kneel as the national anthem played at a game in protest over racial inequality and police brutality against black people and minorities in the US.

After high-profile exits, fewer non-white CEOs in US

White men held the top job at 447 of the companies in the Fortune 500 at the end of 2017, by Zweigenhaft's count.

Mahathir heads task force to resolve Indian woes

Prime minister to keep PH election promises to marginalised communities, with MP Kulasegaran saying Dr Mahathir is serious about tackling Indian issues.

Amazon adopts new policy to promote board diversity

Amazon.com Inc on Monday said it is adopting a new policy to promote diversity in its board director, saying that women and minorities are to be among the company's board nominees.

PH names Hindraf, New Gen Party as strategic partners

PH head Mahathir Mohamad says this is because they share the ideals of PH, adding PH will also be talking to Maria Chin who wants to contest in GE14.

Not to be sniffed at: BO haters more likely to vote...

Smells listed in the questionnaires included breath, sweat, feet, faeces, urine and gas -- the participants' own and that of strangers.

Federal Court to finally deliver ruling in Indira Gandhi’s case –...

The crux of the contentious issue is whether the consent of only one parent is required to make minor children Muslim.

Inter-religious harmony in SEA under threat from rigid Islam, says report

The spread of imported rigid and sectarian forms of Islam in the region can engulf entire communities, as the Philippines has discovered.

Stop using Islam to win votes, says Indonesia’s largest Muslim body

Politicians in Malaysia and Indonesia are exploiting the religious sentiments of Muslim voters by using Islam and this can lead to conflict in multi-religious societies, warns Nahdlatul Ulama.

Beer today, dogs tomorrow?

If we want others to respect our rights, then we should respect the rights of others, even if we disagree with them.