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Indian NGOs lodge reports against Zakir Naik, Perlis Mufti

Rajaretinam Armuggan of Mipas worries that if Zakir Naik can influence a learned Muslim scholar like the Perlis Mufti, what more everyday Muslims.

NGO India buat laporan polis, khuatir Asri dipengaruhi Zakir Naik

Persatuan India Progresif Malaysia khuatir jika seorang mufti boleh dipengaruhi Zakir, bagaimana pula dengan orang Islam kebanyakan?

Indian NGOs urge education ministry to revoke DLP

They question the selection of 47 Tamil schools for the dual language programme, claiming they had not fulfilled the criteria set by the education ministry.

Salah kerajaan dan penganjur, pesuruhjaya tinggi Sri Lanka dipukul

Persatuan Progresif India Malaysia tindakan kerajaan dan penganjur membenarkan bekas presiden Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa ke negara ini menyebabkan kaum Tamil berang.

Kamalanathan: Probe if contentious slides done on purpose

Police reports to be lodged against UTM over contentious slides which "demeaned" Hindus.

Wujudkan undang-undang lindungi rumah ibadat – MIPAS

MIPAS turut meminta kaum India khususnya masyarakat yang beragama Hindu supaya bersabar dan membenarkan pihak polis menjalankan siasatan terperinci.

Mipas: Zakir has overstepped his boundaries

Islamic preacher and televangelist Zakir Naik is interfering with other religions, claims Mipas president Rajaretinam Armuggan.

Penganjur minta pengkritik berhenti serang Dr Zakir

Dr Zakir cuba merapatkan jurang perbezaan antara agama di seluruh dunia dengan mencari persamaan yang wujud antara agama utama dunia.

‘Hindus obligated to protest against Zakir Naik’

When he's talking, quoting and abusing the Vedas, Hindu principles and fundamentals, it is our obligation to protest, says Indian NGO.

Dr Zakir tumpu isu satukan Islam, bukan cari kelemahan agama lain

Tidak wajar untuk Dr Zakir bercakap mengenai agama lain jika beliau sendiri tidak mengamalkan ajaran tersebut.

Ban politicians from NGOs, says Indian NGO

Some politicians use the non-governmental platform to cash in on grants to use for political purposes says Mipas leader.

Charge Zaidi with sedition if you are honest, PM told

MIPAS has challenged Najib Razak to live up to his word that the Sedition Act is to protect all races in the country.

NGO India: Isu ‘serbuk kari’ masih belum selesai lagi

Apakah sekadar memohon maaf perkara ini selesai. Hari ini memohon maaf, esok pihak lain pula akan ulangi lagi.

Archived: Isma slams Obama over equality call

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia chides President Obama for seeking equal opportunities for non-Muslims here.

NGO: Palanivel is not concerned about public health

An Indian NGO leader S Bharatidasan criticises the Natural Resources and Environment minister for keeping mum over the worsening haze situation in Klang Valley.

Archived: Exit from BN? MIC leaders say no

MIC will continue to piggyback BN for the benefit of the Indian community, say its leaders.

Archived: Don’t be a bully, DBKL told

A non-governmental organisation tells DBKL not to sue FMT and Makkal Osai over a news report on the demolition of Kg Railway in Sentul

Archived: Suren ejected from Dewan over temple issue

The Speaker adviced the Padang Serai MP that he could not bring up the issue as it was not of national importance.

Archived: ‘Nip gangsterism in the bud’

The recruitment of schoolchildren into crime and gang activities is alarming, serious attention and action must be taken in order to curb the problem at its early stages, says Gobikrishnan.

Archived: Anti-GST protests nationwide

A non-governmental organisation held protests against the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax at several cities in the country, today.

Archived: Don’t give us peanuts, Indians tell Najib

The PM must allocate sufficient funds in Budget 2014 to help wean Indian youths from crime and gangsterism, say several leaders

‘Zahid should quit and join Tiga Line’

An anti-crime activist has hit out at Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for saying that the secret society, Tiga Line, were his friends.

Archived: ‘Suspend chair throwing teacher immediately’

There is also a suggestion that all headmasters and teachers be compelled to a psychological test as unwarranted problems are arising from them.

Archived: IPF against merger of Indian-based parties

Merging all the Indian political parties has been suggested before but the leaders say a lot of sacrifice and a change of attitude is needed.