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Tag: misappropriation

NGO under probe over alleged misuse of govt allocations to help...

A source confirms MACC is probing whether a voluntary group's director and adviser had misused government aid meant for improving the educational level of Indian students.

Kedah MACC looking into alleged misuse of funds involving Datuk Seri

The man is a former politician believed to be in his 60s.

China unveils rules to rein in bad government investment behaviour

As China investigates misappropriation and dubious use of state funds, Beijing has listed a long set of rules on proper investment of government funds.

Company director claims trial to misappropriating RM5 mil

The 45-year old had been entrusted with 57 cheques.

Deputy DG, six others released on MACC bail

The seven have been arrested by MACC over allegations of abuse of power and misappropriation of general election funds.

Lawyers representing ex-intel chief slam MACC

Law firm takes issue with statements issued by the anti-graft agency saying it put their client in bad light.

Letter to CIA ‘unforgivable’, says Umno leader

Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Noor Adam says the letter is nonsense as no one can get assistance from a foreign body to keep them in power.

GLC architect remanded over tenders worth RM300 million

He is the second person to be detained in connection with the case.

Najib’s dilemma: To speak or not to speak on 1MDB, says...

Damansara MP Tony Pua says the former PM cannot on one hand say it is inappropriate for him to answer 1MDB questions and, on the other hand, attempt to defend 'dodgy transactions' related to the state fund.

Armenia arrests former influential official

General Manvel Grigoryan is under suspicion of of misappropriating state goods and donations for the army.

Najib may face money laundering, misappropriation charges

Sources say public prosecutor likely to charge former PM Najib Razak with money laundering and misappropriation of property over the 1MDB scandal.

Soldier jailed 30 months, whipped for misappropriating RM50,000

He pleads guilty to 79 counts of misusing allocations for the Special Warfare Training Centre at Sungai Udang Camp, Melaka.

Indian opposition alleges graft in import of Malaysian ‘m-sand’

Leader of Karnataka’s opposition questions appointment of a UAE-based company to import manufactured sand, claiming it has no prior experience in supplying it.

Misappropriation of property: Man Kidal’s son, daughter-in-law charged

Global Tijari Industries manager Mohd Shefflee, his wife Shireen Amani and friend Amirullah Basarullah were charged with dishonestly misappropriating money belonging to Mohd Shahrizal Mohamad Jaapar.

2 former secretaries to Shafie Apdal released on bail

Both men freed on RM15,000 bail with one surety, each, after being remanded in connection with the misappropriation of RM1.5 billion in funds.

MACC arrests 3 political leaders in Sabah

Trio picked up in connection with alleged misappropriation of RM1.5 billion in funds allocated for rural projects in Sabah.

Mat Sabu: Why aren’t Muslims championing the fight against graft?

The Amanah president says there seems to be no urgency in this matter although Islam teaches that those who give and accept bribes will go to hell.

RM16 mil payment: MBI, Unisel pledge to work with MACC

MACC is investigating allegations of misappropriation in the payment of RM16 million by MBI to a private company.

Stolen emails seem to further entangle Jho Low in 1MDB affair

The WSJ details contents of some emails, apparently from a top UAE official and his business partner, that show their connection to Jho Low and the 1MDB affair.

Jho Low mulled buying Barbados bank to stow money

Wall Street Journal says leaked email describes how Low wanted to purchase bank in the Caribbean Island as a 'parking spot' for his own funds as well as friends and family.

Miranda Kerr hands over RM35 million in jewellery to DoJ

US Department of Justice claims jewellery, given to her by Jho Low when they were dating, were bought with money allegedly stolen from 1MDB.

Apandi: Bar’s call on DoJ action makes no sense

Attorney-general says he is unable to comment on ‘senseless’ statement by Malaysian Bar that claims by US Department of Justice be investigated in Malaysia as well.

1MDB: Bar wants AG to seek info from DoJ

Bar president George Varughese says the integrity and credibility of Malaysia’s financial institutions and regulatory bodies rest on the government’s response to civil suits filed in the US.

MACC chief told to recuse himself from 1MDB investigations

MP Ramkarpal Singh says Dzulkifli was working in the Attorney-General’s Chambers when it cleared the prime minister of any wrongdoing in receiving money from a 1MDB subsidiary.