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Iranian tanker possibly hit by missiles off Saudi coast

There is no claim of responsibility for the incident.

US-N.Korea talks end in contrasting assessments

North Korea says the US has disappointed and dampened enthusiasm for negotiations.

China showcases fearsome new missiles to counter US at parade

Among those unveiled was upgraded DF-41 missile, capable of reaching US with multiple nuclear warheads.

Malaysia doesn’t fear Chinese, US military presence in region, says Dr...

However, the prime ministers tells Russian media, he fears there may be fighting if an accident were to occur.

Kim oversaw test of ‘super-large multiple rocket launcher’, says report

The North Korean leader says they must step up development of new strategic and tactical weapons to counter 'ever-mounting military threats'.

North Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea off eastern coast

Kim and Trump's agreement to revive stalled denuclearisation talks sparks Pyongyang to fire a series of missiles and rockets off the eastern coast.

Syrian air defence downs Israeli missiles

Sana news agency also accuses Israel of conducting an "electronic war" and "jamming" Syrian radar.

US says all North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction violate UN...

The US State Department says North Korea’s entire weapons of mass destruction program violates UN Security Council resolutions.

South Korea urges North Korea to avoid raising military tension

South Korea says North Korea's firing of its missiles projectiles goes against inter-Korean military action.

China leads US on potent super-fast missiles

After years of stop-start development of hypersonics, the US is now trying to accelerate testing and deployment to match China and Russia.

Seoul closely monitoring N.Korea for ‘missile launch’

South Korea's military begins monitoring N.Korea after satellite images of a missile launch in Pyongyang cause an international alarm.

US vows to remain ‘relentless’ to deter Iran missile program

Iran's Revolutionary Guards unveiled a new ballistic missile with a range of 1,000 km, their official news agency Sepah News reported.

UN experts says N.Korea is shielding missiles at airports

The report was sent to the Security Council as the US President prepares for a second summit with the North Korean leader.

Russia to develop new missile systems in 2 years after treaty...

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is also leaving the treaty and beginning work on new types of weapons that would breach the crucial Cold War-era agreement.

Iran warns Europe not to force ‘strategic leap’ on missile range

The deputy chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards says if the Europeans, or anyone else, want to conspire to disarm Iran of missiles, they will be forced to make a strategic leap.

Russia: Range of disputed missile is allowed under INF treaty

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty bans missiles with a range above 500 km.

Russia acknowledges new missile but says it does not breach treaty

Russia had denied developing what US intelligence calls the SSC-8/9M729 cruise missile system.

Trump to visit Pentagon to unveil missile defence review

Trump to check on the enhancement of missile defence technologies reviewed

Russian army to get new missile complex S-350 Vityaz in 2019

Russia has been flexing its military muscles abroad in recent years, and its involvement in the Syrian conflict and Ukraine has soured relations with the West.

Iran says it recently tested a ballistic missile

Iran claims its missile programme is purely defensive and denies its missiles are capable of being tipped with nuclear warheads.

North Korea missile bases outed in report that undermines Trump

The facilities identified in the new report are located in strategic locations that would put missiles in range of South Korea and Japan.

Hugs as Putin touts missiles in India

Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hugged as they went into talks in the Indian capital, underling the apparent warm rapport that the two strongmen leaders have built up in recent years.

US sanctions Chinese military unit for buying Russian jets, missiles

It is uncertain if the US would take similar action if Russia delivers S400 missiles to other countries such as Turkey, which is in talks to buy them.

Hezbollah defies Israel, says has ‘precision missiles’

Israel carried out more than 200 strikes over the past 18 months in war-torn Syria, where Hezbollah fights alongside Israel's arch-foe and Shiite powerhouse Iran in support of the Damascus regime.