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Nasa’s Dawn asteroid mission ends as fuel runs out

Dawn, a NASA spacecraft that launched 11 years ago and studied two of the largest objects in the asteroid belt, has ended its mission after running out of fuel, officials said Thursday.

Palestinian mission shuttered in Washington

Palestinian leaders say Trump's White House is blatantly biased in favour of Israel and is seeking to blackmail them into accepting its terms.

US to close Palestinian mission in Washington

The Palestinian leadership cut off contact with the Trump administration after the US president recognised the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital in December.

1MDB’s Arul Kanda considering a move to politics?

The CEO of 1MDB hints to Channel NewsAsia that he is interested in politics, saying anything can happen before nomination day.

DR Congo wants UN mission to leave in 2020, foreign minister...

Foreign Minister Leonard She Okitundu's comments come after a UN vote extended UN peacekeepers' mandate for another year.

James Webb telescope launch delayed until 2020

The launch of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has been delayed until May 2020.

PTSD an ongoing fight for generation of Iraq War vets

Estimates vary, but the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) believes about 13-20% of Iraq War vets suffer from PTSD.

Canada to send peacekeepers to Mali

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan is to provide details of the number of troops on Monday.

US shrinks its Cuba mission after mystery ‘attacks’

Cuba's communist government has angrily denied that it had anything to do with any attack on US personnel, and US officials have been unable to determine the cause of the injuries.

Cosmonaut, two astronauts return to Earth from ISS

NASA stopped manning to the ISS in 2011 but recently moved to increase its crew complement aboard the ISS as the Russians cut theirs to save cost

Bond girl Yeoh praises Najib for helping Rohingya

The UN goodwill ambassador says Malaysia has done amazing work to help the Rohingya face suffering and oppression in Myanmar.

Govt will agree if ATSB stops search for MH370

ATSB says that Malaysia, Australia and China have agreed that if the search over 120,000 sq km was not successful, the search area would not be expanded.