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Tag: mistakes

Vettel says Ferrari too slow to recognise mistakes

The four-time champion German, who kept alive his faint title hopes by finishing fourth behind championship leader Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, said the team did not understand what was wrong with their upgrades.

5 grooming tips to make every man handsome

From dry, oily skin to overgrown beards and dirty nails, men must take it upon themselves to look well-groomed, neat and clean whenever they step out of the house.

4 startup mistakes that can kill entrepreneurs

Biting off more than you can chew, being too ambitious, micromanaging and thinking you know everything can kill your startup sooner than you think.

9 ways every family can save money

Going on that dream vacation with the family isn't out of reach if you inculcate the habit of saving a little wherever possible on a daily basis.

Money mistakes women must avoid to be financially savvy

Abusing your credit card, giving in to peer pressure and going on wild shopping sprees will eventually lead you to financial ruin.

How will people look at PH in 4-5 years?

People are not in a rush to judge Pakatan Harapan but the euphoria will soon dissipate, which means PH will have to start now to resolve issues affecting the public.

The mistakes investors are making when it comes to the trade...

China’s benchmark Shanghai Composite Index slumped 3.8% Tuesday, the biggest decline in Asia, even though many of its neighbours are more exposed to trade skirmishes, the economists wrote in a June 20 note.

Pope Francis admits ‘grave mistakes’ in Chile sex abuse scandal

Pope Francis admitted Wednesday he had made "grave mistakes" in his handling of a sexual abuse scandal in Chile.

Only in Malaysia do absurdities like a CNY ‘barking’ rooster thrive

Our managers are poorly trained, probably give poor instructions, fail to accept responsibility, and reject any sense of accountability.

Now Singapore’s turn to say sorry for ‘Marry Christmas’

The Christmas greeting with wrong spelling appeared at an MRT station along the Downtown Line in republic.