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Why rent shoplots for traditional traders to hotel operator, Penang council...

Gerakan says the city council cannot deny it does not know what is going on and asks why the ground floors of the restored shoplots still remain vacant one year on.

PKR vows not to use govt machinery in Rantau

This comes hours after state cars were seen at nomination centre.

Bersih: Candidates openly committing election offences

Electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0 hopes offences seen in Sungai Kandis by-election won't happen in Seri Setia and Balakong by-elections.

India tackling rising hate speech in the world’s biggest election

The Election Commission of India has established a panel to examine the growing use of platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube and recommend ways to deal with violations.

Selangor rep denies misusing PTPTN funds

Idris Ahmad, who was among those mentioned as a possible Selangor MB, lodges police report against allegations that he misused funds at Vision College.

Ex-HRDF board member to sue, willing to be probed by MACC

RA Thiagaraja says attacks on him are aimed at tarnishing his reputation and he will take legal action.

Lawyer lodges MACC report on Mat Sabu ‘misusing’ military plane

Abu Backer Sidek Mohamad Zan claims a military flight to ferry the defence minister to the RMAF base in Butterworth near his hometown was unnecessary and extravagant as it cost RM199,125.

Bersih: Court decision on Segamat army voters a blow to democracy

The NGO says the court should have considered all factors and given priority to the Federal Constitution as the decision opens the gates to electoral fraud.

PPBM warns errant GLC heads of action by a PH govt

PPBM supreme council member Tariq Ismail says GLC heads will be punished if they are found to be involved in financial manipulation to help the BN machinery.

Amnesty: Crackdown on activists a ‘misuse of criminal justice system’

NGO says authorities are increasingly responding to activities aimed at expressing dissent and protesting against injustice with 'baseless police investigations'.