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Interpol bound to arrest Jho Low in Macau, says lawyer

Sankara Nair says the financier may be able to challenge the arrest in court, which will buy him about a year before the case is heard.

Court: Lawyer can appear for Jho Low over pink diamond lawsuit

Justice Zaidi Ibrahim says there is lack of proof in Khairuddin Abu Hassan's claims of possible forgery of Jho Low's signature in appointing lawyer.

Usaha Khairuddin ketepi waran wakili Jho Low ditetap 19 Disember

Khairuddin berkata, waran yang beri kuasa kepada firma guaman untuk bertindak bagi pihak Jho Low menimbulkan kesangsian.

Report: Luxury NY apartment linked to DoJ’s 1MDB probe for sale

Walker Tower penthouse bought by company allegedly linked to UAE businessman Khadeem Al Qubaisi, for sale below record price of US$51 million, WSJ reports.

White House says DoJ’s 1MDB probe ‘apolitical’

Meeting between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Najib Razak today, is independent of any investigation by Department of Justice, says White House press secretary.

New IGP told to depoliticise police force in first week

DAP’s Steven Sim says Mohamad Fuzi Harun should implement the recommendations of the RCI calling for police reform issued in 2005 which have never been implemented.

Kit Siang: Kabinet perlu tolak jemputan Trump kepada Najib

Terdapat banyak sebab Kabinet dalam mesyuarat Rabu ini memutuskan agar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak tidak menerima jemputan Presiden AS Donald Trump

Dewan Rakyat erupts after minister links graft index to Guan Eng’s...

Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan responds to question from DAP's Nga Kor Ming, saying corruption perception worse due to charge against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Nazri: DoJ has no evidence to link PM to 1MDB embezzlement

Umno minister offers theory that the US DoJ coined term “MO1” because it has no evidence to implicate the prime minister in alleged theft of 1MDB funds.

The key to unravelling 1MDB is Jho Low

Amanah leader writes of how direct legal action against Malaysian businessman by US and Singapore authorities could unravel scandal linked to 1MDB.

DoJ, Red Granite file joint request to have 3rd party oversight

However, judge refuses to sign request for a neutral third party to oversee the company's operations until wording in joint petition is changed.

PM’s aide dares Kit Siang to ask ‘Penang Official 1’ to...

Tengku Sariffuddin says the DAP elder politician can only expect people to take his demands on the federal government seriously if he undertakes such an action himself.

Kit Siang: Will ‘wife of MO1’ now do as Leonardo and...

DAP veteran asks if 'wife of MO1' will hand over assets worth millions allegedly bought with 1MDB funds.

Foreign meddling ‘fairy tale’ to counter DoJ issue, says Lim

The DAP elder politician claims recent propaganda on foreign interference is to counter the call by PPBM’s Syed Saddiq for youths to share the jewellery “scandal” following the US DoJ’s civil action related to 1MDB.

No plans yet for second Tangkap MO1 rally

Student activist Anis Syafiqah Mohd Yusof says priority now is to strengthen the student movement which is 'not so strong' due to fear among students.

Setahun selepas #TangkapMO1, Anis belum rancang protes seterusnya

Anis berkata pergerakan pelajar sekarang tidak begitu kuat dan perlu ditingkatkan disebabkan budaya takut yang dicipta oleh akta universiti.

Bodoh luar biasa tuduh pembangkang mampu pengaruhi DoJ, kata Dr M

Bekas perdana menteri juga kembali ke Kubang Pasu selepas 14 tahun melepaskan jawatan ketua bahagian Umno, dengan ucapan menyelar Barisan Nasional.

1MDB: Bar wants AG to seek info from DoJ

Bar president George Varughese says the integrity and credibility of Malaysia’s financial institutions and regulatory bodies rest on the government’s response to civil suits filed in the US.

Najib tenang kerana wanita di belakangnya, kata pembantu khas

Rizal Mansor memuji sikap perdana menteri yang tetap tersenyum walaupun diuji pelbagai cabaran.

Umno, BN the ones panicking over DoJ suit, says PKR

PKR MP Wong Chen says the majority of Malaysians have lost confidence in the government over the 1MDB scandal and are not even shocked by the 'obscene' revelations.

DAP dares Rahman to report ‘complainant’ behind DoJ suit

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng and four PPBM members file report with MACC to take action against those named in US Department of Justice civil suit over funds linked to 1MDB.

Amanah cabar Rahman Dahlan ulang kenyataan tentang MO1

Pada 7 Ogos 2016, Rahman Dahlan dilaporkan berkata, siapa MO1 bukan perkara misteri dan hanya orang bodoh tidak tahu siapa orang itu.

Umno veep dares ‘irresponsible’ DoJ to press charges

Hishammuddin Hussein says anyone can be the mysterious MO1.

PAS: Latest DoJ action a ‘slap’ to country’s honour

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says Malaysian agencies are being humiliated by legal action in the US as they face obstacles here in investigating alleged 1MDB improprieties.



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