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Tag: moderation

The deafening silence of PH leaders

Where are the Pakatan Harapan politicians who used to champion moderation, economic wellbeing, good governance and the environment?

Saudi Arabia embraces yoga in pivot towards ‘moderation’

Widely perceived as a Hindu spiritual practice, yoga was not officially permitted for decades in Saudi Arabia.

Putrajaya’s moderation bandwagon told to shut down

The Global Movement of Moderates Foundation has been told to cease operations effective July 31.

The failure of Putrajaya’s moderates movement under Nasharudin

What has the organisation actually achieved in terms of making Malaysia a more moderate nation?

Najib: Religious institutions must also counter terrorism, extremism

The prime minister calls on religious experts and institutions to become more engaged and innovative in coming up with methods to counter extreme ideology and distorted narratives about religious obligations.

Fighting racism and extremism

Writer calls for more people to speak up and be constant in their actions, if the fight against race and religious bigotry is to be more effective.

Najib’s wasatiyyah not the real deal, says Zaid

Former de facto law minister says PM's idea of wasatiyyah is rejected by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and has nothing to do with Islamophobia.

Non-Muslims wary of Najib’s ‘wasatiyyah’ due to Islamophobia, says academic

Non-Muslims feel it is part of the Islamic agenda, says Professor Teo Kok Seong.

G25: Zamihan may lead militant detainees down wrong path

The group of eminent Malays says he may use religion to advocate for an Islamic state in Malaysia.

Kit Siang insists PH will uphold Islam, other religions

DAP parliamentary leader dismisses Umno information chief Annuar Musa’s claim that Pakatan Harapan will not be able to defend Islam because it is dominated by DAP.

‘Royal rebuke on extremism insufficient without grassroots support’

Norshahril Saat of the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute says society should give intellectuals and activists space to develop critical ideas, and be aware that such groups are relevant for modern needs.

Kit Siang slams govt silence following Malay Rulers’ statement

DAP parliamentary leader asks why PM Najib Razak and the cabinet have remained silent on the concerns raised by the rulers over divisive acts in the country.

Umno losing moderation from decades of rule, says academic

Johan Saravanamuttu says the party had implemented moderate and inclusive policies in the past.

TMJ adds to Johor sultan’s call for unity

Tunku Ismail says he had always intended to use football as a platform to unite the people in the state as one Bangsa Johor.

Time running out for govt to revoke ban on G25 book

The group of eminent Malay moderates says failure to revoke the ban on “Breaking the Silence: Voices of Moderation”, will force them to seek an alternative remedy.

Cenbet calls for review of government censorship process

NGO's co-president Gan Ping Sieu says taxpayers have a right to know why certain publications do not see the light of day in Malaysia.

Academic: M’sia becoming ‘nanny state’ with G25 book ban

Prof Tajuddin Rasdi says government seems to be interfering in almost every aspect of a person's life and viewpoint, as seen by banning of book on moderation.

Mahathir: Saudis not suitable partner to fight terrorism

The former prime minister says anti-terror alliance must be with countries that are not involved in any war.

Kit Siang: Malaysia can become beacon of moderation again

DAP supremo calls on Malaysians regardless of faith to take Ramadan as an opportunity to improve themselves.

Kurup: Don’t let fringe groups hijack national agenda

Minister says call to outlaw evangelicalism is unconstitutional and goes against principle of ‘wasatiyyah’ (moderation) espoused by PM Najib Razak.

Kit Siang: Stand up against extremism or pay a heavy price

DAP's Lim Kit Siang says moderate Malaysians must strive to ensure country is not overtaken by the violence and radicalism that has happened elsewhere.

Kit Siang: To be a top-class nation, follow your own religion

The DAP leader says he did not feel that Hannah Yeoh’s autobiography was trying to proselytise or Christianise any person of another faith.

Khalid lauds PM for wasatiyyah talk, but…

He questions Najib's and Umno's commitment to moderation.

MP: Najib can’t champion both moderation and shariah amendment bill

Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran says the prime minister must lead by example in the push for moderation.