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Tag: Mohamed Apandi Ali

Pemimpin tertinggi tidak tahu, Hishammuddin nafi disiasat lembaga disiplin Umno

Portal berita Malaysiakini melaporkan Hishammuddin sedang disiasat Lembaga Disiplin Umno atas aduan salah laku.

Reopen probe into high-profile Melaka graft case, urges MP

Kota Melaka MP Khoo Poay Tiong claims senior aide to former Melaka MB had been given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal after the previous state government approved former AG Mohamed Apandi Ali's application for 36.5ha of land in Melaka.

1MDB critic’s suit against ex-IGP, former AG to be heard from...

Khairuddin filed RM8.83 million suit for unlawful detention and malicious prosecution for lodging reports overseas about funds missing from the state investment fund.

Malaysiakini editor, CEO cleared of uploading video critical of ex-AG

This after the prosecution withdraws the charges against Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran.

Tommy promises to brush up on his Malay

After being in private service for 42 years, he admits he has not been using Bahasa Malaysia as much as he should.

Muhyiddin: Cabinet supports Tommy Thomas as AG

Muhyiddin Yassin says the government wants to see the appointment issue settled through the wisdom of the prime minister and the king.

Bar urges Agong to appoint the new AG

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese says the Agong is constitutionally obliged to appoint a person to be the AG on the advice of the prime minister.

Vital for new AG to know criminal law, says ex-judge

Otherwise the government would be heading for legal disaster if it has to bring charges against those who broke the law in the previous government while the AG is also Public Prosecutor, says former judge Gopal Sri Ram.

AG withdraws appeal to cite Guan Eng for contempt of court

Court strikes out the appeal with no costs ordered.

Peguam DAP cadang Zainun dilantik ganti Apandi

Ramkarpal Singh berkata hakim Mahkamah Persekutuan itu mempunyai keazaman menegakkan undang-undang tanpa rasa takut.

King can remove AG Apandi, says lawyer

As a contract officer, Apandi serves at the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, says lawyer R Kengadharan, adding there is no need to pay compensation.

Sekarang tiada peguam negara, kata Dr M

Perdana menteri berkata, buat masa ini tak ada peguam negara dan kerajaan sedang menimbang beberapa nama, tetapi perlu kaji kesesuaian calon.

Apandi nafi agenda rahsia, sembunyi bukti 1MDB

Peguam negara yang menghadapi tuduhan daripada perdana menteri Mahathir Mohamad berkata semua keputusannya berdasarkan fakta.

1MDB critic Khairuddin sues for RM8mil detention damages

Federal Government, former IGP and Attorney-General are among seven people named as defendants.

Arul Kanda: Tiada wang 1MDB disalur kepada Najib

Arul berkata ini berdasarkan rekod 1MDB sendiri dan siasatan oleh Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Negara.

AG urged to appoint counsel to represent Malaysia’s interest in DoJ...

Failure by Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali to respond to his US counterpart Jeff Sessions on the 1MDB scandal means our chief legal adviser is only a ‘village champion’, says lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla.

AG mulls suit against Raja Petra over blog posting

Describing the blog posting as rubbish and highly defamatory, Apandi Ali says he is consulting his lawyer friends in the United Kingdom.

Prosecution division chief to head special task force on MACC chief...

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali said the team comprises top officials and were leading all investigations.

New firearms code: Officers must issue warning before shooting

Government unveils firearms guidelines for enforcement officers, including how and when to use firearms, as earlier guidelines were only about safekeeping of firearms.

Mengapa pertikai DoJ bila pernah tolak permohonan Swiss, soal PH

Menurut Tony Pua, jabatan peguam negara sebelum ini tidak menerima permintaan Peguam Negara Switzerland Michael Lauber.

1MDB critic tells AG to send protest note to DoJ if...

Khairuddin Abu Hassan says it is pointless for Mohamed Apandi Ali to politicise US Department of Justice’s move to seize assets allegedly bought with stolen 1MDB money.

Ex-AG: DoJ action independent, no need to consult Malaysia

Former attorney-general Abu Talib Othman says DoJ's investigation only concerns the use of its financial system to acquire assets from funds illegally acquired.

1MDB: Jangan beri alasan tiada bukti, Muhyiddin ingatkan Peguam Negara

Presiden PPBM berkata, sekiraya peguam negara seorang yang bermaruah, beliau mesti bertindak memulakan proses pendakwaan dengan segera susulan tindakan perundangan DoJ.

Mahathir’s lawyer to AG: What happened to police probe into 1MDB?

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla wants AG to ‘stop misleading the public’ and state clearly his decision on whether he intends to prosecute anyone over the 1MDB scandal.