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Tag: Mohamed Arshad Raji

Buat senjata sendiri boleh kurangkan belanja, kata Patriot

Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan berkata, Malaysia berbelanja besar membeli senjata daripada negara lain.

Malaysia should make its own weapons, says Patriots chief

Arshad Raji suggests starting small by producing standard-issue arms.

Throw the book at those disrespecting Negaraku, say veterans

The head of the Patriots group, Arshad Raji, says those who don’t rise for the national anthem ought to be smacked.

Patriot persoal cara kerajaan tangani kempen ‘boikot’ produk bukan Islam

Kerajaan bersetuju bahawa gesaan 'memboikot' produk keluaran bukan Islam adalah tidak wajar dan boleh menggugat keharmonian negara.

Stop infighting and start governing, ex-servicemen tell PH

The National Patriots Association says politicians holding government posts have to provide leadership, not fight among themselves for power.

Racial politics has crossed into ‘danger zone’, warns ex-servicemen’s body

Patriot calls on parties to abandon race-based politics and to be in sync with the multiracial nature of the country before Malaysia is destroyed.

Patriot: Penjawat awam tidak laksana arahan kerajaan wajar dikenakan tindakan

Penjawat awam harus mengamalkan sikap kerja 'tiada karut-marut' bagi mendukung usaha kerajaan PH memulihkan keadaan.

Ex-servicemen: Ascertain if claim PAS received RM90 mil from 1MDB funds...

The National Patriot’s Association says integrity of criminal law is at stake and Malaysians want to know whether the allegations that PAS received Umno money, said to be linked to 1MDB funds, are true.

We are patient with new ministers, but not forever, ex-servicemen say

The National Patriots Association distances itself from an article criticising the defence minister, saying its author is no longer part of the group.

Ridiculous for Danyal to give up Port Dickson, say ex-servicemen

The National Patriots Association says it is not against Anwar Ibrahim contesting in a by-election, only Danyal Balagopal Abdullah's resignation as Port Dickson MP.

Pesara tentera bantah bekas pegawai TLDM lepas kerusi kepada Anwar

Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan berkata, tindakan PKR meminta Danyal Balagopal Abdullah melepaskan kerusinya mungkin menyebabkan undi bantahan terhadap Anwar Ibrahim.

Army vets against ex-colleague vacating seat for Anwar

The National Patriots Association says forcing Danyal Balagopal Abdullah to vacate his seat may result in protest votes against Anwar Ibrahim.

Probe takeover of AES operations, say ex-servicemen

The NGO slams the Armed Forces Fund Board for their 'dishonourable and unacceptable' conduct.

Probe alleged abuse of military intelligence in GE14, Patriot tells defence...

Ex-servicemen reiterate their call for an investigation into claims that the department of military intelligence worked to shore up support for Najib Razak ahead of GE14.

Menteri tidak wajar dedah hanya 4 jet pejuang boleh terbang, kata...

Presiden Patriot, Arshad Raji berkata, menteri pertahanan tidak seharusnya mendedahkan tahap siap siaga Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia.

Ex-servicemen want probe into ‘treasonous’ CIA letter

The National Patriots Association says the purported letter discussed internal security matters and foreign policy matters that should not have been shared.

Ex-servicemen want purge of corrupt officials, including in police force

Patriot backs move by the new government to exorcise 'the ghosts of corruption'.

Review defence procurement contracts, ex-servicemen tell Ambrin

The National Patriots Association says corruption in the defence ministry has been going on 'for years'.

Ex-servicemen welcome Tommy Thomas as new AG

Patriot group says opposition to him based on his race and religion 'has no place in today's Malaysia'.

Ex-servicemen: Probe alleged abuses by military intelligence in GE14

The National Patriots Association calls on the authorities to probe claims that the military intelligence office had worked for a BN victory.

Ex-servicemen to monitor voting in police, military camps

National Patriots Association says its members will be actively involved in monitoring early voting, and calls on voters to do their patriotic duty and vote in GE14.

Veterans volunteer as election agents at army, police camps

The National Patriots Association says its members are willing to become election agents at army and police camps to monitor postal voting.

Veterans defend ex-envoy against Anifah’s rebuke

National Patriot’s Association says the foreign minister overlooked relevant points in the analysis and chose to rebut only a few.

Cambridge Analytica scandal an act of spying, say ex-servicemen

Veterans group calls on the government to act as the personal details of Malaysians may have been stolen, allegedly for electioneering work.