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Ploughing ahead: Sacred oxen predict ‘abundant’ Thai harvest

The monarch, seated next to his new Queen Suthida, has observed the "royal ploughing ceremony" symbolising Thailand's fortunes.

The real ‘King and I’: The story of new Thai king’s...

King Mongkut, who reigned from 1851 to his death in 1868, is seen by many historians as a reformist for his time.

Departing Japanese Emperor Akihito thanks the people, prays for peace

Emperor Akihito was very great full to the Japanese public who accepted and supported him as a symbol.

Emperor Akihito prays ahead of Japan’s first abdication in two centuries

The abdication will be marked by a brief and relatively simple ceremony in the Imperial Palace's prestigious Matsu no ma, or Hall of Pine.

We’re watching, Gobind warns social media users who criticise rulers

The communications minister says MCMC is monitoring comments critical of the monarchy ahead of the rulers' meeting next week.

‘Insult’ must be defined, Dr M says on proposal for stiffer...

The prime minister says people cannot be faulted if they speak based on fact.

Time to get tough on those who insult monarchy, says Rais...

The former minister urges the authorities to stop those out to insult the royalty in the wake of the Agong's resignation.

Trio arrested for sedition after social media remarks against Sultan Muhammad...

Police say they are being investigated under the Sedition Act.

Thailand hits out at US series over monarchy reference

"Madam Secretary" came under fire after a character travels to Thailand and opines about the monarchy at a conference before being hauled away by police.

New army chief takes over as Thailand prepares for return of...

The relationship between the monarchy, the army and politicians is the fundamental factor determining stability in Southeast Asia's second-biggest economy.

Deputy minister agrees monarchy needs to be more transparent

It may be a sensitive subject, but the rulers have to move together with the direction of the country, says Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Steven Sim.

I am pro-monarchy, so what, says Anwar

The PKR de-facto leader replies to critics who accuse him of currying favour with the royalty.

Drop all charges against lawyer Fadiah, says PJ MP Maria

She says it shows police intimidation is still very much alive and such investigations have no place in Malaysia today.

BN student wing accuses lawyer of sedition over article on monarchy

Siswa Barisan Nasional says Fadiah Nadwa Fikri's article on Anwar Ibrahim and the Johor sultan has created unrest and stirred doubts over the royal institution.

Quarter-billion ringgit spent on Agong in 16 months, says former top...

Prominent social critic Kadir Jasin says this shows that the monarchs are well taken care of by the government and need no reassurance about their position.

Thai court jails blind woman for 1 and a half years...

23-year old pleads guilty to posting an article by a vocal opponent of the Thai monarchy on Facebook.

What does it take to be king of hearts?

Just ask the Sultan of Johor.

Selangor speaker hails withdrawal of summons by Umno rep

Hannah Yeoh says this shows decisions by the speaker and assembly cannot be subjected to civil or criminal proceedings in the courts.

‘Malaysia’s constitutional monarchy, democratic system most successful’

Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin Tuanku Muhriz of IDEAS says it's important to educate youths to understand role of Malay rulers in bringing a good name to the country overseas.

Lawyer: Monarchy ought to be apolitical

Ramkarpal Singh says current system where MPs make laws is truly reflective of a democracy.

Johor prince gets reminder of royalty’s place

He should keep out of politics otherwise...we'll whack him, says Nazri about Tunku Mahkota

Ali flees M’sia, seeks asylum in Sweden

Activist Ali Abdul Jalil seeks political asylum in Sweden in a bid to escape sedition charges in Malaysia.

The delicate issue of citizenship and royalty

Central to the current Pakatan Rakyat-Sultan crisis is the issue of citizenship and the exercise of power in a democracy.

DAP MP to PAS: Why don’t you join Umno?

PAS might be better off declaring it wants to get out of Pakatan and to implement its Islamist agenda in Kelantan, says Ariff Sabri.