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Tag: Monash University

Survey: Students big on Facebook, less on WhatsApp

Survey covering 422 students of public and private universities is the first of its kind on the popularity of social media platforms and Snapchat.

Ban on attending rallies: Monash asked to explain

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen says he is appalled by Monash's warning to its students that they will be punished if found to have participated in illegal rallies.

From KL to Dhaka, life of Bangladesh cafe killer

Profile is emerging of a band of educated youths from privileged backgrounds who had turned to radical Islamism only recently.

‘We don’t know if Bangladeshi in attack studied in M’sia’

IGP says Bangladesh authorities have yet to verify if the pictures shared on social media is of the person who carried out the attack or just a victim.

Bukan seorang, tetapi 4 pengganas Dhaka pernah belajar di Malaysia

Empat daripada penembak itu dikatakan bekas pelajar di Universiti Monash kampus Malaysia.

Pengganas Dhaka ‘anak orang kaya’ pernah belajar di Malaysia?

Polis sedang menyiasat dakwaan Nibras pernah belajar di Malaysia.

BN parties must change current leadership

Component parties, if they want to stay relevant, need to completely change their leadership, says a political scientist