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3 ways to hire a candidate without their résumés

Apart from hiring online, focus on potential and attitude.

3 reasons why women end up ditching their dreams

Lack of self-belief, procrastinating and being overly critical of oneself can work against you in achieving your dreams.

10 kinds of mindsets that influence financial independence

Financial independence is within your reach once you start thinking like a winner.

8 insightful interview questions to ask candidates

There are many ways to test skills, and the skills assessment method you choose should depend on the role and the circumstances.

6 credit card blunders to avoid at all costs

Being aware of potential missteps will help you become a smarter credit card user.

Those who got less from 1MDB next on MACC list

The anti-graft agency's chief Latheefa Koya says the focus will be on those who received RM500,000 and below from the state investment arm.

6 wining ways to plan and host a great networking event

Some clever planning of goals, logistics and promotions will guarantee a successful networking event.

5 ways to vet employee referrals

Here's how to make sure the candidate you're interviewing is the best hire for the job.

7 strategies to ‘FI/RE’ your way to financial independence

FI/RE is the acronym for Financially Independent, Retire Early. It's a very real possibility but only if you are up to the challenge.

4 steps to snap yourself into better financial shape

Managing stress levels and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you start saving for a more financially secure future.

Designing an interview process that predicts performance

If done right, interviews should only comprise a small part of the candidate selection process.

4 things to do when your friend makes more money than...

Being honest about your financial situation can go a long way in preserving your friendship.

6 weekend holidays in Asia for adventurers on a budget

Whether it's scuba diving in Thailand, trekking in Malaysia or skiing in South Korea, there are plenty of cheap destinations to escape to.

5 forgivable job interview slips recruiters should ignore

It’s up to the recruiter to decide whether a mistake is due to anxiety or a sign that the candidate is a bad match for the organisation.

17 journalling tips to save you money

Tracking your monthly expenses is highly recommended to maximise your income.

We will return 1MDB money to Malaysia, says Goldman Sachs

However, Goldman Sachs president and chief operating officer John Waldron says it is difficult to give an exact time frame for this.

From daughter to entrepreneur, selling kacang putih is in her blood

Buvaneswary Jayabalan has been exposed to the kacang putih business since seven years old and is now a successful wholesaler with an export business.

4 ways to save on clothes while still staying fashionable

Organising your inventory of clothes, renting instead of buying and using a credit card with rewards are easy ways to save a bundle.

8 hacks for the cyber-obsessed shopper

If you do most of your shopping online, learn how to shop smart by saving a bundle through using promo codes and free shipping sites.

6 ways companies can write job descriptions that stand out

Ditching buzzwords, staying real and dropping the use of cliches can go a long way in painting the right picture of a job and attracting the right candidates.

Tony Robbins’ guide to raising financially responsible kids

Tony Robbins is the world authority on leadership psychology and the No 1 Life and Business Strategist.

US files lawsuit to seize money from sales of Snowden’s book

Edward Snowden’s lawyer says the lawsuit was without merit.

12 tips on how to make a tidy fortune from art

Investing in art is not for everyone but if you do choose to invest, learn all you can about it so the returns are lucrative.

Jobs may be lost, group says as banks go digital

The Malaysian Commercial Banks Association says this is a necessary direction if banks wish to remain relevant.