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Tag: monopoly

US Supreme Court allows App Store antitrust suit against Apple

Apple shares fell more than 5% after the justices upheld a lower court's decision to allow the proposed class action lawsuit to proceed.

Amazon might face restrictions, German antitrust adviser says

Amazon.com is combining some offerings and could face sanctions in order to safeguard competition rules.

Egypt’s tobacco monopoly climbs as state sale draws in investors

The offering is part of a long-delayed program to sell additional stakes in key state-run companies.

Court upholds RM9.3 million fine on MyEG for abusing position

The company is still liable for a daily penalty of RM7,500 per day until they comply with the directives imposed by MyCC.

Kevin Hart to lead ‘Monopoly’ movie

Kevin Hart is on board for 'Monopoly' as both one of its producers and its first named actor.

No more monopoly on sugar imports, says Chong

Food and beverage manufacturers will benefit the most as they may be able to get sugar at a lower price elsewhere.

Russian space agency sees Musk on horizon as monopoly set to...

Roscosmos’s press service declined to comment on the potential loss of revenue from NASA.

Astro still exclusive provider of satellite broadcast services by default

Deputy minister Eddin Syazlee says none of the other companies granted licence to operate have begun operations yet.

FundMyHome scheme not a monopoly, says Pua

The political secretary to the finance minister says the main aspect of the scheme is to protect both house buyers and investors.

Report: Malaysian politicians, officials paid bribes in recruitment of Bangladeshis

A Bangladeshi newspaper says the previous government was responsible for the setting up of a 'monopoly' to bring in workers from Bangladesh.

Reveal investigations on drug procurement, MP tells health ministry

Klang MP Charles Santiago also calls for another investigation by a third party.

Nepal says China to allow access to ports, ending Indian monopoly...

Wedged between China and India, Nepal depends heavily on India for the supply of essential goods including fuel and the use of its ports for trade with other countries.

Don’t stop at giving Petron right to supply fuel to govt...

The move by the government to include Petron as an additional supplier of fuel to government vehicles is good but it should open this to all oil suppliers to ensure competition and efficiency.

Putrajaya ready to break sugar monopoly

Allowing more import licences could reduce the retail price of sugar, says deputy domestic trade minister Chong Chieng Jen.

MyCC proposes RM17.4 mil fine on Dagang Net

The commission says investigations have provisionally found that Dagang Net had abused its dominant position.

Remove approved permit system for lower food prices, says consumer group

Fomca says the system forces retailers to buy food items only from AP holders, which results in higher prices for consumers.

Pharmaniaga share price drops as Putrajaya reviews monopoly

Shares fall amid news that Putrajaya is reviewing concession agreements for medical supplies.

Probe claims of procurement monopoly, MMA tells health ministry

Medical association says the ministry's statement on the matter does not address the issues and allegations of a monopoly in the industry.

MP lodges MACC report on drug procurement scandal

Klang MP urges the new government to do away with tendering agents who are marking up the prices of medication.

Bernas, special committee to discuss monopoly issue

Minister Salahuddin Ayub says this includes Bernas' sole right to import rice until 2021.

Task force under Azmin Ali to review procurement procedures

The procurement procedures will cover the transport, agriculture and agro-based industry, and health ministries.

Public outrage and medicine men in the middle

At what point does the business of supplying medical drugs to the government begin to look like an institutionalised version of 'Ali Baba' and rent-seeking?

Health Ministry welcomes MACC probe on medicine monopoly claim

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says the MACC will act if there are malpractices, and the ministry would strive to provide value for money.

Bring in MACC, medical body says on supply monopoly expose

The Malaysian Medical Association says if the allegations are true, the monopoly would certainly have raised the cost of healthcare.