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Tag: monopoly

Task force under Azmin Ali to review procurement procedures

The procurement procedures will cover the transport, agriculture and agro-based industry, and health ministries.

Public outrage and medicine men in the middle

At what point does the business of supplying medical drugs to the government begin to look like an institutionalised version of 'Ali Baba' and rent-seeking?

Health Ministry welcomes MACC probe on medicine monopoly claim

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says the MACC will act if there are malpractices, and the ministry would strive to provide value for money.

Bring in MACC, medical body says on supply monopoly expose

The Malaysian Medical Association says if the allegations are true, the monopoly would certainly have raised the cost of healthcare.

Santiago calls for review of medicine tender system

DAP's Klang MP says prices may be artifically high if whistleblower's bombshell account about tenders being rigged is true.

End to Bernas’ monopoly can bring down prices

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Salahuddin Ayub says more open market will lead to healthy competition.

Shocking expose of politicians, royalty in multi-billion medicine monopoly

A 12-page document is submitted to the health minister, claiming corruption in the supply of drugs to the government.

Bernas to help govt devise system to replace rice monopoly

Bernas CEO Ismail Mohamed Yusoff says the monopoly system has worked in providing sufficient rice supply in the market at a low price.

No, Bernas not closing down, says minister Salahuddin

Salahuddin Ayub says the government is only planning to reduce the company's monopoly on rice supply by giving the same licence to other companies as well.

Bernas’ monopoly on rice may end

A working paper on this is being drawn up, with feedback from stakeholders.

No party has monopoly on power, says Singapore PM

Lee Hsien Loong says the ruling party, the PAP, does not have a monopoly of power and does not have the right to rule Singapore indefinitely.

Passengers may pay for Grab’s takeover of Uber

Unless another giant transportation network company enters the local market to offer e-hailing services using private vehicles, Grab will be enjoying a monopoly.

New Monopoly version to ‘encourage cheating’

Monopoly Cheater's Edition goes on sale later this year, with new rules and gameplay elements in which fans are encouraged to actively cheat.

Bernas brushes aside claims of monopoly, neglecting local farmers

Bernas disputes allegations by Padi Rescue that it has increased imports of cheap low-grade rice for profits and caused local rice millers to shut down.

Preacher ready to apologise to non-Muslims, says Wan Ji

PKR youth executive councillor says Shahul Hamid listened with an open heart to views about the controversial remarks uttered.

China will put China first, says Kadir Jasin

Signs are everywhere that China companies and workers will be monopolising China-funded projects in Malaysia, claims the veteran newsman.

Political parties have no monopoly over seats, says law expert

Once the legislature is dissolved, the mandate is returned to voters to elect their representative, making them the kingmakers, says law expert Abdul Aziz Bari.