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Tag: morality

The gay sex videos and our moral dilemma

The videos affair highlights a reality of political life in Malaysia: that leaders cannot avoid being held to a religious benchmark if they desire credibility in the public eye.

We can punish LGBTs but we can’t change science

Many who express hatred towards the LGBT community are simply ignorant of basic science and physiology.

The constitution and morality – A tale of two women

The duo should seek damages for the punishment they suffered. The public shaming aspect of the punishment in Terengganu is especially alarming.

How ‘Malaysia Boleh’ can lead the young astray

A criminologist takes issue with a culture that finds it acceptable to bend the rules or laws, and calls out leaders for nepotism and high level of corruption.

Beyond who wins on May 9

Malaysia is about more than just which political party wins – what lives on are the values we choose to pass down.

Study linking atheists and morality unreliable, says academic

Study by international team led by American psychologist cannot be used as evidence that atheists are morally bad or even good, says UPM lecturer.

What’s happening to us Malaysians?

We should never allow the economic and social progress to overwhelm our celebrated Eastern values and collectivist spirits.