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Tag: mosque shootings

New Zealand sorry over mosque shooter’s ‘hateful’ letter

New Zealand officials apologise after allowing the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter to send a letter from prison espousing 'hateful' views which was later shared online.

Plan for gun megastore in Christchurch sparks backlash

The megastore's proposed location is just 1 km from the racetrack where New Zealand held its first firearms buyback.

Police say bomb not linked to Christchurch attacks

Jay Michael Harding-Reriti has been charged with the possession of ammunition, explosives and offensive weapons.

Social media platforms removing NZ shooting content

The live video footage appeared to show the attacker driving to one mosque, entering it and shooting randomly at people inside.

Extra police patrols at UK mosques after NZ attack

London has previously heightened security measures around mosques following terror attacks.

Erdogan says New Zealand attack shows growing hostility to Islam

The Turkish leader, who often criticises Islamophobic attitudes, called for the West to act to prevent similar attacks.

Pope voices solidarity with Muslims after New Zealand attacks

The pope was 'deeply saddened to learn of the injury and loss of life caused by the senseless acts of violence,' according to Vatican Secretary Pietro Parolin.