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Tag: motivation

4 steps to snap yourself into better financial shape

Managing stress levels and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you start saving for a more financially secure future.

Techniques to motivate you towards your health goals in 2019

From celebrating small wins to preparing for setbacks and identifying your intrinsic motivations are just some of the effective techniques you can use to achieve your goals.

The challenges of being a leader

Part and parcel of leading a team or an entire organisation is the requirement of dealing with external as well as internal challenges.

Motivate yourselves, Mourinho urges under-performing United

Mourinho says he is sometimes frustrated with the work United does and is always expecting more.

Effective techniques to motivate you on your health goals

From identifying your intrinsic motivation to setting SMART goals and rewarding yourself for small wins, the will to change for the better is within every individual.

Need to motivate yourself? Try giving someone else advice

If you're struggling to find the motivation for something, new US research says giving advice to others, rather than receiving it yourself, could help you achieve your goals.

How to end the house officer-senior doctor blame game

A different approach has to be taken to strike a balance in satisfying the inner needs of all physicians, regardless of seniority, as a way to develop better workplace efficiency and morale.