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‘Umbrella’ generation changes approach due to failure

The failure of the ‘Umbrella Movement’ has led to protesters taking a more hardline approach this time around.

Shock waves of #MeToo reach the City of London

Deloitte alone reveals it had fired 20 of its partners in Britain over the last four years for bullying and sexual harassment.

Indian minister calls allegations of sexual misconduct against him “baseless”

The veteran editor has been accused of a range of inappropriate behaviour by female journalists who previously worked as his subordinates.

US advertising firms grapple with ‘Me Too’

Industry officials say they are rethinking workplace policies, including teaching bystanders to speak up and allowing victims to feel safe filing a complaint.

Cosby sentencing is new milestone for #MeToo movement

The #MeToo movement has permanently altered the way the US reckons with sexual misconduct by powerful men.

Trump outburst over Kavanaugh’s female accuser sparks hashtag trend

#WhyIDidntReport was the top trending conversation starter on Twitter in the United States, as people, mostly women, vented outrage over past sexual transgressions.

Former S. Korea presidential hopeful acquitted in sex abuse case

The case involving Ahn Hee-jung, widely seen as a strong candidate to replace President Moon Jae-in when his term ends in 2022, is by far the highest-profile in the country's growing #MeToo movement.

Out with the old, in with the new

Malaysia is still light years away when it comes to riding the wave of creativity, so laws and practices and norms that stand in the way should be removed.

US student anti-gun activists to keep momentum alive over summer

The students hope to succeed where other activists have failed in enacting stricter legislation on gun ownership, either at the state or federal level.

Five refugees killed, 20 injured, in Rwanda camp food protest

"We used force yesterday afternoon after warning that security forces would be used," he said.

Langkawi religious office to probe alleged deviationist movement

Video of group allegedly following deviant teachings has gone viral.