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Moyog rep in another social media row over leaked message

Jeniffer Lasimbang says she is renovating her constituency office, not closing it because of lack of support from her staff.

My enemy is BN, not the candidate, says Lasimbang

Former activist Jenifer Lasimbang is gearing up for the fight for Moyog but says she will not resort to personal attacks to win voters.

Pengundi waspada terhadap Warisan selepas Leiking tinggalkan PKR

Pengundi di Penampang tidak tahu mahu memilih calon mana, tetapi mereka mahu orang tempatan sebagai wakil rakyat mereka.

Where’s RM50m promised to Penampang, asks PKR

Penampang PKR chief Kenny Chua says there has not been any significant changes or upgrades to infrastructure, schools and church as promised in 2016.

Warisan: Sabah MCA has no right to criticise YBs who jump...

Warisan treasurer Terrence Siambun says Sabah MCA deputy chairman Francis Goh should explain to the people how the BN component party can bring change this time around.

Discuss seat allocation internally, urges Penampang BN chief

Donald Mojuntin says issue is decided by top BN leadership and speaking about it to media can be misconstrued by public so near to GE14.

Kepayan rep Edwin Bosi staying put in Parti Anak Negeri

He rubbishes claim by Upko acting president Wilfred Tangau that he wants to join party.

Moyog rep ready for second term despite challenges

Terence Siambun, who has had to learn on the job, hopes his efforts to solve his constituents' problems will not be forgotten.

Jamal Yunos tak gentar usul halang masuk Sabah

Ketua Umno Bahagian Sungai Besar menyifatkan saranan Terence bersifat berat sebelah dan hanya untuk menutup perbuatan keji dilakukan Bersih.