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Polis Jakarta terpaksa pantau stesen MRT selepas aduan bau hancing

Polis Jakarta selatan akan menjaga kawasan itu dan kakitangan pembersihan ditugaskan untuk membersihkan stesen MRT setelah menerima aduan.

No car parks for housing near MRT stations? Think again

A future in which everybody takes public transportation is still far off. Thus, people will continue to drive cars and car parks will still be very much needed.

Build the missing MRT link

There is a need for better connectivity to cater to the working class and the rural population.

Selangor’s 30,000 affordable homes are attractively priced

At 1,000 sq ft per unit, the price is only RM232 per sq ft with two car parks - a rather attractive deal.

Plot ratios and its link to public transport

The Kuala Lumpur City Plan is still causing controversy over its decision to gazette plot ratios within the city.

Loss in revenue, gains for the rakyat

By lowering the cost of public transportation, the government can help reduce the cost of living for Malaysian commuters and increase ridership.

Traffic-choked Jakarta battles epic gridlock with new MRT

Construction on a 2nd line linking downtown to Jakarta's northern port is also kicking off Sunday with completion set for around 2024, with more lines envisioned in future.

3 MRT stations to close for 2 days

The three stations to be closed temporarily are Kwasa Damansara, Kampung Selamat and Sungai Buloh.

Polis: Suspek sebalik serangan lif, penjenayah tegar, ahli Geng 08

Suspek cukur botak untuk elak ditangkap.

Prasarana takes extra safety measures after robbery at MRT station

CCTV recordings inside lifts, more security personnel in plainclothes are among the steps taken.

Polis ada alamat rumah suspek kes samun dalam lif MRT

Polis mempunyai maklumat peribadi suspek yang dirakam menyamun seorang wanita di MRT Taman Mutiara pada Khamis.

Cops identify man who attacked, robbed woman in MRT lift

The suspect, a local, had robbed a 24-hour convenience store near the MRT station prior to mugging the woman.

Wanita diserang, disamun dalam lif MRT di Cheras

Dalam kejadian jam 6.45 pagi, suspek mengekori mangsa yang menaiki lif seorang diri sebelum menyerang dan melarikan barang milik mangsa.

Lebih RM6 juta kabel MRT dicuri sejak 2016

Kes kecurian kabel berlaku semasa MRT dalam tempoh pembinaan lagi.

Penang is already implementing many initiatives to improve mobility

Municipal councillor Joshua Woo says while there is a lot yet to be done local authorities are on the right track.

10 things you should know about My100 and My50

In a nutshell, this facility simply translates to lower costs = higher savings.

Kementerian: 157,000 guna MRT setiap hari

Angka itu menunjukkan peningkatan sebanyak 37% berbanding pencapaian pada tahun 2017.

MRT terlalu besar, awal, kata Dr M

Projek itu hanya akan menampakkan manfaat ekonominya pada masa depan.

MRT too big, too early, says Mahathir

He contrasts the project with the two initial rail networks for the Klang Valley, describing them as simpler and more cost effective.

MMC Gamuda bags award for work on MRT line

The company received the IFAWPCA Builder's Award for its work on the underground package of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang line.

30,000 affordable homes to be launched in Selangor soon

State government is also looking into reducing the maximum price tag by RM20,000 to RM230,000 compared to RM250,000 previously.

Study: House prices near MRT stations too high due to poor...

A study by the Centre for Governance and Political Studies finds that many properties located within a 1km radius of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line are too expensive for the B40 and M40 groups.

Which is the best transport option of all?

A look at five of the public transport options available in the Klang Valley, how they stack up and which would be best for Penang.

ECRL contractor seeking investment opportunities in Malaysia

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) says the country remains a preferred market for its overseas business.