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MT Umno bincang kedudukan Zahid petang ini?

Walaupun exco Pemuda Umno tidak terlibat, tetapi ketua dan timbalan ketua Pemuda terlibat dalam mesyuarat MT.

Umno bincang kedudukan Zahid bulan depan, kata Annuar Musa

Kedudukan Ahmad Zahid, yang menghadapi tuduhan di mahkamah, tidak dibincangkan kerana ia dianggap tidak memerlukan kesegeraan.

MT Umno kekal jawatan Zahid, anggap pendakwaan politik

Ahli MT Umno Ahmad Maslan berkata parti itu tidak akan mengambil apa-apa tindakan terhadap Zahid, bahkan memberi sokongan padu kepada beliau.

5 ways to avoid the dangers of credit card debt

You must stop thinking of your credit card as free money but as a loan you must repay.

PAS putus strategi di Seri Setia segera, kata Samsuri

Samsuri berkata, jumlah ahli yang terlibat, cara yang digunakan dalam PRK itu akan diputuskan dalam mesyuarat jentera parti dalam sehari dua.

Japan government adviser calls for more fiscal stimulus

Takahashi said the risk to Japan’s economy this time is smaller, noting that the hike is only 2 percentage points and certain items will be excluded.

43 years after Ali, KL hosts another boxing great

The arrival in Malaysia of one of the sport's most decorated champions, Manny Pacquiao, is expected to be a boon for tourism.

35 kooky traits of a person who’s careful with money

Averse to splurging on a whim, those who are careful with money put lots of thought into a purchase before making the decision to buy it.

Time is running out for playboy financier Jho Low

Pressure begins to mount after finance minister orders tax officers to investigate Penang-born Low and his family.

Sarawak questions law that gives Petronas power over oil production

The state government is pushing for a better deal on oil and gas revenue, saying it is time to revisit law that established Petronas.

Over 120 roadside slopes damaged in Penang floods

Roadside slopes on island roads were damaged or affected by landslides, according to state exco in charge of public works.

Extortion: Man threatens to circulate housewife’s semi-nude pictures

Cops detain a suspect who allegedly demanded RM5,000 from the woman.

Sixth MOX nuclear shipment leaves France for Japan

Areva spokesman Alexandre Marinot described the cargo as being of "a maximum safety level."

A tribute to our public hospitals

We're accustomed to horror stories about government healthcare, but here's one to warm the heart.

Confused conservatives

Conservatism in Malaysia has veered from its roots to become something far more poisonous.

Syndicates using minors to peddle drugs, say cops

Two boys, aged 12 and 16, caught in the space of one month for selling drugs to addicts.

Muhyiddin rujuk penggantungan ke RoS

Penggantungannya sebagai Timbalan Presiden UMNO tidak mengikut prosedur dan tidak mengikut perlembagaan parti.