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Muar: Walking tour best way to experience its highlights

Take some time to walk around and explore as Muar is a pleasant town with many things to see.

Muar district office: No aide of Syed Saddiq involved in kickback...

Man had only asked for commission to supply items to school, says officer after police report lodged.

Syed Saddiq turns down Oxford a second time

In a Facebook post, he says his responsibility to the country comes first before his dreams.

Reaksi Syed Saddiq terhadap gambarnya dengan seorang gadis

Beberapa keping gambar dikongsi di laman sosial menunjukkan Syed Saddiq bersama seorang gadis dalam pose mesra sebagai bukti beliau sudah pun dimiliki dan bakal berkahwin tidak lama lagi.

Zahid confident Muar will remain with BN

Deputy prime minister dismisses predictions that PPBM's Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman will defeat BN incumbent Razali Ibrahim in parliamentary seat.

Muar voters vent frustration over unresolved issues

The issues include water shortage, problems with the education system and lack of youth development.

Saya tak perlu parti untuk bantu PH tukar kerajaan, kata Daim

Daim berkata beliau banyak kali cuba menasihati Umno dalam beberapa isu tetapi tidak diendahkan.

Razali accepts Syed Saddiq’s challenge to debate

However, Razali said he had yet to receive any formal invitation to the debate from the young PKR candidate.

Chinese once united, not anymore because of DAP, says Umno’s Razali

The deputy minister says DAP is bent on destroying MCA, and this is why the community is split.

PPBM to contest 10 parliamentary, 18 state seats in Johor

The full list of candidates, which includes four women, two youth and seven former Umno veterans, will be announced on April 19.

Wanita 100 tahun bangga undi BN sejak PRU pertama

Ngadiah Kasiman dari Muar berkata selagi hidup, dia akan undi ‘dacing’, dan mahu undi BN lagi pada PRU14.

PPBM to announce candidates list on Sunday

PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin says all candidates have been chosen, except for a few seats in Selangor.

Syed Saddiq confirmed to take on BN in Muar

The 25-year-old PPBM Youth chief will stand as a PKR candidate following his party's suspension.

Syed Saddiq might be named as Muar candidate

First PPBM candidated to be announced by Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be a youth candidate, says report.

Asam pedas Muar Pak Ya kekalkan resepi asli

Pak Ya hanya masak ikan tempatan antaranya ikan merah, kembung, tenggiri dan siakap untuk masakan asam pedasnya.

PPBM: Why is Muar so backward?

Syed Saddiq speaks of the royal town's stagnancy and blames MP Razali Ibrahim for it.

Johor set to outperform Klang Valley economically, says MB

He says state government is ensuring development in Johor is balanced with each district concentrating on its own strengths.

GE14: Will Pagoh voters continue to stand by Muhyiddin?

Although he does not confirm he will defend his seat, Muhyiddin Yassin says he has been told his name has become synonymous with the Pagoh constituency and that the voters there know him well.

Music video just a joke, says Namewee’s family

A family member is quoted by a newspaper as saying that the singer, who is being sought by police for an allegedly offensive video clip, may be in Penang.

Muslims and Malays face discrimination too

Highlighting that racism is rife among those in government and the Malays themselves totally misses a fundamental point i.e. that two wrongs don't make a right.

Isteri 17 tahun dituduh bunuh suami

Mahkamah mengarahkan remaja itu menjalani pemeriksaan mental di Hospital Permai Johor Baharu mengikut Seksyen 342 Kanun Tatacara Jenayah.

Police say pilot in fatal crash had no approval for flight

Melaka police chief says Department of Civil Aviation did not give permission for particular flight as required by law, as probe continues.

Isteri muda tikam suami kerana cemburu tak balik rumah 2 hari

Mangsa yang berusia 28 tahun maut selepas disyaki ditikam oleh isterinya yang berumur 17 tahun.

Young woman who stabbed husband remanded for 6 days

The 18-year-old is alleged to have committed the act after her husband failed to return home for several days.