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Stop wearing mufti’s hat

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin should vacate the position of mufti so that he will be free to air his views in any form of media or open forum.

Mufti Asri’s rant

Like Newton's third law, when you start the idea that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, you will get an equal and opposite reaction.

Perlis police gag Naik as preacher skips state-backed gathering

This comes as calls grow for the controversial preacher to be deported.

Cops nab Penang man who challenged mufti to a fight

The 36-year-old's five-minute video has been making the rounds on WhatsApp.

Islamic bodies need advisers, banned author tells Putrajaya council

Faisal Tehrani was among several Muslim scholars and activists called by the Council of Eminent Persons today.