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Nearly US$1million in cash stolen from Mugabe’s house

Court papers revealed that a bag with a million dollars were concealed in the library of his country home in Zvimba.

President vows to probe Zimbabwe forces over crackdown

Fears of the return of violent repression sparked crackdown of Zimbabwe forces.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe in Singapore for medical treatment, unable to walk

During his later years in power, Mugabe made several medical trips to Singapore.

Zimbabweans vote in 1st election since Mugabe’s removal

The election will see 75-year-old President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a long-time Mugabe ally, face 40-year-old Nelson Chamisa, a lawyer and pastor.

Mugabe-era minister jailed for corruption in Zimbabwe

Samuel Undenge, an energy minister in Mugabe's cabinet, was accused of issuing a US$12,650 contract without due tender to a company that did no work.

Mugabe’s wife Grace under probe for ivory smuggling

Investigators from the parks and wildlife authority has handed documents to police showing that the former first lady “spirited large consignments of ivory to China, the United Arab Emirates and the United States among other destinations.”

‘Panic’ as Mugabe appears to back new Zimbabwe opposition

Zimbabwe's ex-leader Robert Mugabe sent shockwaves through the party he dominated for decades when he posed with the retired general who will take on the ruling ZANU-PF in this year's election.

Singapura destinasi pertama Mugabe selepas letak jawatan

Mugabe terkenal dengan reputasi berbelanja besar di luar negara, termasuklah rawatan kesihatan tetap ke Singapura - salah satu punca kemarahan rakyat miskin Zimbabwe.

Mugabe in Singapore for treatment

The former leader who was ousted in a military coup recently left Zimbabwe yesterday with his wife

President Mugabe stuns Zimbabwe by defying pressure to resign

His nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, had told Reuters that Mugabe and his wife were “ready to die for what is correct” rather than step down in order to legitimise what he described as a coup.

Zahid: Govt won’t stop Mugabe from coming to Malaysia

The deputy prime minister says the government has no objection to the Zimbabwean president coming to Malaysia to seek medical treatment.

Party set to sack Mugabe, Zimbabweans celebrate expected downfall

Under house arrest in his compound, the 93-year-old has watched support from his party, security services and people evaporate in less than three days.

Cincin berlian dan gila ‘shopping’: Temui wanita pertama Zimbabwe

Grace Mugabe terkenal dengan cita rasa mewah di samping dianggap mempunyai pengaruh kuat di tampuk kuasa Zimbabwe.