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Tag: Muhammad

Muhammad breaks world record again for 400m hurdles gold

This is the second time the American has broken the world record this year.

PDRM denies dropping ‘Allah’, ‘Muhammad’ from its logo

It says the PDRM logo, with the words 'Allah' and 'Prophet Muhammad', can only be used on flags, signboards or materials placed in high positions or places as a sign of respect.

Kehidupan kembar Siam 21 tahun selepas dipisahkan

Selepas berjaya dipisahkan dengan bantuan Putera Mahkota Arab Saudi, Ahmad dan Muhammad jalani hidup bermakna, hingga berjaya masuk universiti

Everything done in right manner, says outgoing BNM governor

In his email to staff, Muhammad Ibrahim denies there was any wrongdoing including in the purchase of land from the previous government.

BNM chief: Ringgit reflects real economic activity and strength

Bank Negara Malaysia governor Muhammad Ibrahim says the ringgit's volatility has declined and the currency is now one of the best performers in the region for two consecutive quarters.

Report lodged over Facebook post ‘insulting’ Prophet Muhammad

The Kuantan 4B Youth Movement says the posting could spark anger among Muslims in the country.

Bank Negara to draw up guidelines for digital currencies by year-end

These are important to deal with money laundering and terrorist financing, says BNM governor.

Bank Negara: Measures taken to support ringgit successful

Governor Muhammad Ibrahim also says foreign investments in the country have yielded significant returns for investors at an average of 13%.

BNM to introduce new measures to deal with ringgit value

He says the measure would help hedge the ringgit against other currencies, providing a better balance in the country's foreign exchange market.