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Tag: Mujahid

Uniform fatwa and shariah laws means fairness for all, says Mujahid

He says this is in line with the decree by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who said there should be uniform fatwas on issues of national interest,

Mujahid won’t defend Penang Amanah chairman’s post

He wants to pave the way for a new leadership in the state.

Group lodges police report on FB post showing Mujahid carrying ‘kavadi’

The minister had also filed a report against the FB account holder yesterday 'for tarnishing his image'.

Mujahid defends MP’s ‘buka puasa’ programme at Sikh temple

The minister in charge of Islamic affairs says such matters should not be played up.

Sensationalising racial or religious issues can lead to hatred, warns Mujahid

He calls for rational understanding of press freedom.

Call it Kampung Harmoni instead, says Brickfields RT chief

S Kanakiahnaidu says minister Mujahid's idea of renaming a road as Jalan Harmoni may lead to people kicking up a fuss.

Mujahid suggests a ‘Jalan Harmoni’ in Brickfields to reflect racial unity

Inspired by a similar street in Penang, dotted with various houses of worship, the minister in charge of Islamic affairs is proposing a name change.

Mujahid cadang tukar nama jalan di Brickfields kepada Jalan Harmoni

Menteri berkata Jalan Harmoni simbolik perpaduan kerana Brickfields mempunyai rumah-rumah ibadat semua agama.

It was PH that turned a deaf ear to my proposal,...

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says his suggestion for a platform on interfaith dialogue got 'stuck' after meeting with Mujahid Yusof Rawa and P Ramasamy.

Jais to probe book and forum on giving up the hijab

Mujahid says he views the matter seriously, after launch of book by human rights activist Maryam Lee.

Tabung Haji tak perlu RCI, kata Mujahid

Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja hanya perlu jika ada yang tidak jelas dan misteri dalam TH.

Mujahid unaware of fake vaccination forms used by haj pilgrims

He says it is a crime to falsify such forms and action will be taken against the travel agents and doctors involved if there is evidence.

No doubts should exist over use of vaccines, says Mujahid

Minister says a fatwa already exists on their continued use to protect children.

Jelajah Rahmah outreach programme to help LGBT community, homeless

Mosques, NGOs and corporate firms will take part in the programme.

Mujahid apologises over his car parked in bay reserved for physically...

The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department says his children had done so for the convenience of their wheelchair-bound grandfather.

Majlis Tahfiz Negara dilancar suku pertama tahun ini

Mujahid Yusof Rawa berkata, satu muzakarah akan diadakan untuk mengumpul semua pengelola sekolah tahfiz berdaftar dan NGO terlibat dalam mengendalikan institusi tahfiz.

Decision to dismiss 25 imams prerogative of Perlis, says Mujahid

Federal government will not intervene and it respects decision of state government, he says.

Mujahid: Don’t treat non-Muslim Amanah members as second-class citizens

The party's vice president warns of stern action if non-Muslims are sidelined in the party.

Zeti supports placing Tabung Haji under BNM

She says it is important for a regulatory body of calibre to monitor Tabung Haji.

Govt to expedite setting up of Shariah High Court

It will hear child custody and alimony cases in the Federal Territories.

Authorities probing claims Bibles handed to students outside school

Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman says the state will not tolerate attempts to upset racial harmony.

Stop outrageous assumptions about ICERD, says Mujahid

The minister says the government will not rush into ratifying the UN rights treaty.

Ramai gay tapi tak semua terlibat hubungan songsang, kata Mujahid

Menteri berkata rekod Jakim mempunyai pelbagai kategori termasuk kelompok yang tidak melakukan perbuatan songsang.

Bawa media serbu khalwat akan dikaji semula, kata Mujahid

Menteri berkata penambahbaikan SOP serbuan khalwat termasuk mengelakkan aib pelaku tersebar.