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Body with hands and feet tied found in Pahang lake

Police say the body is believed to be that of an Indian national aged 39.

HK murder suspect behind unrest to turn himself in

Man accused of killing girlfriend in Taiwan ready to return and surrender.

It’s still gallows for man convicted of murdering AmBank founder

Court of Appeal upholds death sentence on tow truck driver for murdering Hussain Ahmad Najadi and 18-year jail term for attempting to murder Najadi's wife.

Most prolific US serial killer has murdered at least 50

Samuel Little confessed to 93 homicides.

Teen charged with murdering Cradle Fund CEO didn’t look sad, says...

Former police corporal Nur Ronal Ardes Amir also says she saw the teenager bleeding in his hand.

Murdered banker’s family to file suit to remove wife of inheritance

Their lawyer says Ling Hang Tsyr has 75% control of the estate as she has custody of the son.

Cradle Fund CEO had holes on head, fireman tells court

According to the fireman, there were also burn marks on the victim's face, chest and right leg

NZ mosque attack accused drops bid to move trial

Brenton Tarrant's trial is set for June 2, 2020 in Christchurch, where the shootings took place.

‘I couldn’t read widow’s expression when looking at charred remains’

Fireman Mohamad Afzan Majid says he was behind Samirah Muzaffar when she knelt down to look at what remained of her husband.

Watch, money missing after fire, Cradle Fund CEO’s murder trial told

Fireman also agrees with lawyer's suggestion that a handphone was missing in pictures of the scene taken by the police.

1 year on, Saudi struggles forgetting Khashoggi murder

CIA reportedly concluded Mohammed Salman ordered the murder.

Ex-cop sorry for killing neighbour after mistakenly entering wrong house

Amber Guyger wishes she was the one who was shot and not Botham Jean.

I saw cuts on face, head injuries on Cradle Fund CEO,...

Assistant investigating officer says there were also burn marks on Nazrin Hassan’s left shoulder.

Khashoggi murder ‘happened under my watch,’ says Saudi prince

The CIA and western governments claims the prince ordered Khashoggi's murder.

Accused Colorado school shooter ordered to stand trial for murder

The pair broke into the safe with an axe and a crowbar and consumed cocaine before going on a shooting rampage.

Man who stabbed friend over unpaid debts charged with murder

Moharizmi Azli is said to have stabbed his friend after fighting over the debts a week ago.

Cradle Fund boss murder trial hears about Arsenal fans placing flowers

Nepalese guard Raju Kumar Pandit admits some visitors had laid flowers and Arsenal football jerseys at her home after a fire broke out.

Cop tells murder trial she received call on fire at Cradle...

Jamaliah Osman, who works at the Petaling Jaya police control centre, says she sent a patrol car to the scene.

29 bodies found in plastic bags in Mexico mass grave

Experts have been working to establish how many victims are in the mass grave since it was discovered earlier this month.

3 more held over murder of man found in stream

Kelantan police say two men and a woman in their 30s were arrested and are being remanded for the investigation.

‘Woman in blanket’ murder suspect surrenders

40-year-old man turns himself in to Tampin police after woman's body was found in a Petaling Jaya apartment.

Man dubbed ‘cosplay killer’ gets 22 years’ jail, instead of death,...

Court of Appeal finds it is not safe to convict Poon Wai Hong of murder due to the absence of an intention to kill his girlfriend in 2013.

Mystery surrounds Saudi crown prince’s enforcer in year since Khashoggi’s death

There are questions if Saud al-Qahtani has taken the fall for the fallout from the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Turkish paper reveals final words between Saudi journalist Khashoggi and hit...

Audio was obtained by Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation right after the murder.