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Enmity towards Muslims, Islam stems from Israel’s creation, says Dr M

The prime minister says Muslims are accused of terrorism 'even if they did nothing'.

Let cops monitor Muslim students, Thai PM tells varsities

Police request for information on Muslim students has not gone down well with some.

India’s Kashmir crackdown will spur global Muslim extremism, says Imran Khan

Imran Khan says India's crackdown on Kashmir will push the world's Muslims into extremism.

Understanding the Sunni-Shia issue

Although it was common to see violence between adherents of the two denominations, Sunnis and Shias in some countries have lived peacefully together for centuries.

Cops probing claims of mistreatment of Shia Muslims in Johor raid

This follows police reports lodged by Shia Muslims detained on Sept 9.

Minister wants to take Home Ownership Campaign to China, HK

Housing and Local Government Minister says she is considering a campaign to get people in China and Hong Kong to buy unsold higher-end properties in Malaysia.

Gun-toting cops in masks treated us like criminals, say Shia Muslims

Witnesses say detainees were threatened during a raid by Johor Islamic authorities.

Govt defends rule requiring publishers to put hologram on Quran

The move will allow the government to curb the inflow of unauthorised versions of the Quran, says the home ministry.

Local Muslims need global perspective, say academics

But they caution that foreign preachers should comply with the law and respect local sensitivities.

Islam and Confucianism, where the twain meet

Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak speaks on the potential benefits that a dialogue between Islam and Confucianism can offer to a volatile world.

Keep calm and let cops probe Naik, Waytha tells Indians

The minister in charge of national unity calls for calm following the preacher's remark that some Malaysian Hindus are more loyal to the Indian PM.

Naik accuses critics of quoting him out of context

The Indian preacher had come under fire for reportedly saying that Hindus in Malaysia are more loyal to India's PM Narendra Modi than to Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Muslims and animal sacrifice during Eid

Perhaps the government should consider the ritual slaughter of animals be carried out in designated places.

Islamic world not speaking up against persecution of Muslims, Islamophobia, says...

The controversial preacher tells a packed stadium in Kota Bharu that Muslims are being persecuted because Muslim nations are not united and close to their religion.

Transgenders find family ‘maaf’ can be in short supply even at...

Rejected by their families, Muslim transgenders celebrate alone together, or hide their ‘shameful’ secret from their in-laws

King Salman calls for restructuring of OIC to champion rights of...

He says Saudi Arabia will extend aid through humanitarian bodies to create peace and stability in all Muslim nations.

Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change

As one of the fastest growing faiths in the world, Islam could be a powerful force if Muslims were stirred to environmental action, climate activists say.

MyKad will tell if Ahmadiah followers are Muslim, court told

Selangor religious authorities are appealing against a High Court decision to stop investigations into a group of Ahmadiah followers.

China houses minority Muslims in ‘concentration camps,’ claims US

Apparently, more than a million Muslims mostly the Uighur minorities are held in captivity in 'concentration camps' in China aiming to re-educate them.

It was PH that turned a deaf ear to my proposal,...

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says his suggestion for a platform on interfaith dialogue got 'stuck' after meeting with Mujahid Yusof Rawa and P Ramasamy.

A step forward in Muslim-Christian ties in Malaysia

The visit by a group of Muslims to a Sentul church to show solidarity following the attacks on churches in Sri Lanka offers hope of better relations between Muslims and Christians here.

Start thinking as a Malaysian please, ex-servicemen tell Perlis mufti

National Patriot’s Association says Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is wrong to claim that Muslims are being bullied under the PH government and that as Mufti he should work to make the nation better.

Perlis mufti ‘deaf’ to the good we do, says Dr M

The prime minister responds to Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin's remarks that the voices of those who defend Islam in the present administration are hardly heard.

Sri Lanka’s Muslims hold subdued prayers amid tight security

Some Muslims fear being targetted by Islamist hardliners it was announced the attackers would not be buried at mosques.