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Transgenders find family ‘maaf’ can be in short supply even at...

Rejected by their families, Muslim transgenders celebrate alone together, or hide their ‘shameful’ secret from their in-laws

King Salman calls for restructuring of OIC to champion rights of...

He says Saudi Arabia will extend aid through humanitarian bodies to create peace and stability in all Muslim nations.

Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change

As one of the fastest growing faiths in the world, Islam could be a powerful force if Muslims were stirred to environmental action, climate activists say.

MyKad will tell if Ahmadiah followers are Muslim, court told

Selangor religious authorities are appealing against a High Court decision to stop investigations into a group of Ahmadiah followers.

China houses minority Muslims in ‘concentration camps,’ claims US

Apparently, more than a million Muslims mostly the Uighur minorities are held in captivity in 'concentration camps' in China aiming to re-educate them.

It was PH that turned a deaf ear to my proposal,...

Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says his suggestion for a platform on interfaith dialogue got 'stuck' after meeting with Mujahid Yusof Rawa and P Ramasamy.

A step forward in Muslim-Christian ties in Malaysia

The visit by a group of Muslims to a Sentul church to show solidarity following the attacks on churches in Sri Lanka offers hope of better relations between Muslims and Christians here.

Start thinking as a Malaysian please, ex-servicemen tell Perlis mufti

National Patriot’s Association says Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is wrong to claim that Muslims are being bullied under the PH government and that as Mufti he should work to make the nation better.

Perlis mufti ‘deaf’ to the good we do, says Dr M

The prime minister responds to Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin's remarks that the voices of those who defend Islam in the present administration are hardly heard.

Sri Lanka’s Muslims hold subdued prayers amid tight security

Some Muslims fear being targetted by Islamist hardliners it was announced the attackers would not be buried at mosques.

Sri Lanka and New Zealand: The real link

The Easter Sunday carnage has more to it than the theory linking it to the Christchurch mosque attacks.

‘Scared’ Muslims avoid Christchurch mosques a month after attacks

A month has passed since Brenton Tarrant stormed mosques in Christchurch killing Muslims performing Friday prayers, now many Muslims don't want to relive the nightmare.

China slams US criticism of Muslim treatment as ‘absurd’

Beijing claims the camps are "vocational training centres" that provide language classes and employment, steering locals away from extremism. 

‘Muslims are safe in New Zealand’

New Zealand foreign minister Peters reassures safety of Muslims in the country.

Bardot brands French Indian Ocean islanders as ‘savages’

The 84-year-old has been convicted 5 times for inciting racial hatred, mostly for attacking Muslims.

Christchurch Muslims protected as they pray following mass haka

The touching display is the latest act of solidarity shown by inhabitants of a city still reeling from the worst attack on Muslims in the West in recent times.

Christchurch shooting: Our tragedy, our failure

We pride ourselves on being civilised, yet the biggest tragedy is that we are not civilised enough to stop killing each other over race and religion.

China defends Xinjiang centres for Muslims, but aims to ‘downsize’

Xinjiang is a vast region bordering central Asia that is home to millions of ethnic minority Muslims.

Malaysian injured in NZ mosque shooting

Authorities have locked down central Christchurch and declared an 'active shooter' situation.

Insulting the prophet and Asyraf’s jihad

If we love our nation, we should try to contain incidents like insults to an isolated activity.

Sultan of Selangor worries over threat to Islam by deviant groups

He says 45 deviant teachings have been discovered by the Selangor Mufti Department until December last year.

China tells foreign envoys its efforts in Xinjiang should be applauded

China is stepping up its diplomatic outreach over controversial camps in the heavily Muslim region, inviting more foreign diplomats to visit as it seeks to head off criticism.

Don’t expect us to take sides in any war, including in...

Distancing Putrajaya from the previous government’s support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, Dr Mahathir Mohamad warns Yemen’s crisis can happen in Malaysia if people are not vigilant.

China surveillance firm tracking millions in Xinjiang

Exposed data also shows about 6.7 million location data points linked to the people which were gathered within 24 hours.