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Umno sues 3 ex-MPs for RM600,000 over alleged breach of contract

Umno is seeking general and aggravated damages from the three as well as a court declaration that they had breached the contract with the party.

Mustapa not getting govt post, says Mahathir

The prime minister says it is PH policy not to offer any post to former Umno leaders for a period of time.

Hisham: I have no reason to leave Umno

The former Umno vice-president says he met Dr Mahathir Mohamad to find out the prime minister’s plans for the people and nation.

KJ, Johari deny leaving Umno

The two Umno leaders are determined to be part of a credible opposition and be part of reforms party is undertaking.

Tok Pa should have quit Umno earlier, says Mahathir

Umno is damaged and he has to show he has changed if he wants to join PH, says the prime minister.

GST refund: Mustapa wants urgent probe into theft claims

The former minister says Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng's allegations have tarnished not only the image of the previous government but also civil servants.

Mustapa: Umno Kelantan cacat, sayap dipotong, kaki dipotong

Mustapa berkata Umno Kelantan hilang sokongan dengan tumbangnya kerajaan BN di Putrajaya.

Mustapa: No blanket ban on EU trade

The international trade and industry minister says a total ban on trade with EU will result in a lot of disruption as many European companies are present in Malaysia and vice versa.

Mustapa rubbishes claim of pact to surrender Kelantan to PAS

The Kelantan BN chairman says the claim is an attempt to drive a wedge between him and Prime Minister Najib Razak and also a strategy employed by the opposition in view of GE14.

Mustapa: Vote PAS out for development in Kelantan

The Kelantan BN chief says the PAS leadership is out of sync with what the people want.

No immediate impact from Kra Canal project, says Mustapa

Minister says the project has been talked about for 40 to 50 years but will take a long time to be implemented.

Malaysia to fight US allegation of being a trade cheat

Minister says Malaysia claims a US$5 billion surplus with the US, while the US has it down to US$25 billion as it has included indirect trade.

Minister’s car involved in accident

Police say International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed, as well as the car driver and a personal bodyguard were unhurt in the crash.

‘Choosing Awang Adek as Mara head, honour for Kelantan-born’

Minister Mustapa Mohamed says the Bachok Umno divisional head has vast experience in the government, holding many posts in the past.

Malaysia poised for further growth in aerospace industry

Export of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products is expected to grow by 20% this year, says Miti minister Mustapa Mohamed.

Mustapa: Kerajaan pusat jamin tambang ECRL berpatutan

Menteri perdagangan antarabangsa dan industri itu berkata, ECRL dibina bukan untuk kerajaan mengaut keuntungan, sebaliknya ia demi kemudahan rakyat.

Mustapa: Kerajaan tidak putus asa, TPP masih relevan

Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed berkata TPP masih relevan kepada negara ini dan sebarang perbincangan berkaitan adalah seiring dengan RCEP.

Mustapa: TPPA talks may see conclusion in November

He says Malaysia remains open to proposals raised by other participating countries on the TPPA.

Mustapa yakin Geely mampu pacu prestasi Proton

Mustapa Mohamed berharap pakatan itu akan membolehkan Proton mendapat akses kepada pasaran pembuat kereta sedia ada, khasnya di China serta pasaran kenderaan berpemanduan sebelah kanan di Asia Tenggara.

Mustapa confident Proton workers will be treated fairly

He says Proton has not made a final decision and speculation on the ownership and fate of workers is unhealthy.

Annuar’s suspension doesn’t affect Kelantan Umno, says Mustapa

Annuar remains as Umno information chief.

Umno to highlight PAS’ failures in Kelantan

These are problems related to land ownership, squatters and the lack of economic opportunities for youths.

Jika TPPA gagal, Malaysia teruskan perdagangan bebas

Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed berkata keutamaan akan diberikan dalam mengukuhkan integrasi ekonomi dalam Asean dan berusaha memuktamadkan Kerjasama Ekonomi Komprehensif Serantau.

Tok Pa: Adenan raised the bar when it came to integrity,...

Umno minister pays tribute to Sarawak chief minister who he describes as a ‘man of courage’.