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Should you invest now or later?

Investing early brings about a great many benefits due to ‘compounding power’.

Things are looking up for some financial markets

At the risk of being boring, the recommendation will always be to ride the natural ups and downs of the markets.

7 tips on saving money on your home downpayment

The reality is that even smaller savings techniques can amount to an accumulation of a decent amount of money over time.

Crash! What to do after a road accident

Here are four simple points to bear in mind in case the unexpected happens on the road.

8 reasons why you may need to build a side income

If your existing salary is insufficient to cover monthly expenses and has been stagnant for years, it's time you started building a side income.

Understanding the self-driving car revolution

Bear in mind though that an increase in automated driving technology means a lessening of personal control and an increase in the network’s control.

How to overcome credit card addiction

Find out the symptoms of credit card addiction, and what steps you can take from a financial perspective to rehabilitate yourself.

Where best to see the Northern Lights in Europe

The aurora borealis is a magnificent sight to behold. But, which country is best to view this natural wonder? Read on to find out…

The art of giving lovingly to your parents

Our parents have spent so much money, time and hard work to raise you and giving is reciprocity at its best.

5 tips on ‘talking money’ with your spouse

Talking money matters can be often tough so read on for how you can have a meaningful discussion about this sensitive topic with your spouse.

Book review: ‘Lessons from Malaysian Money Stories’

Here are lessons you can take away from Money Stories from Malaysians Volume 1, curated by Suraya Zainudin.

4 key principles to financial freedom

Learn how to harness compounding returns, eliminate excessive broker fees and more.

The progressive payment schedule for property in Malaysia

The following is what you need to know about the progressive payment schedule for buying new property under construction in Malaysia.

Beware money games: If it’s too good to be true, it...

If you are promised high returns of 6% or more each month, immediately ditch the idea of giving away your money to cunning crooks.

Income tax: How to calculate bonus and tax

Received your bonus or commission but wondering about the large deductions? Find out how your bonus & tax calculations are done.

How to select a good financial planner

Go with a financial planner you can connect with and don't be afraid to ask 'stupid questions'. Follow the guide below.

5 life reasons for an estate planning review

Whether you're getting married, getting divorced or converting to Islam, your estate planning needs must be reviewed from time to time.

6 things you should know about the new Apple Card

Apple’s latest offering is meant to appeal to a wide array of audiences, especially those who already own an iPhone.

How to go about appointing nominees and trustees

Here is a detailed guide on how to make good decisions in regard to your life insurance policies and EPF in the event you pass away.

How to get your ASB loan approved

Here are some tips to help save time and increase the chances of your Amanah Saham Bumiputera loan getting approved.

Understanding what Insurance Assignment is all about

An Insurance Assignment is the transfer of ownership from the Policy Owner to another person.

Should you make EPF withdrawals for unit trust investing?

Unless investors can find a fund performing better than the Employees Provident Fund or fixed deposits, it is better to retain the funds in their EPF accounts.

How to handle calls from debt collectors

Keep the call brief, don't give out any personal information, and remain calm and collected at all times.

Part 2: 10 tips to master before you start investing

Treat your investment income as a side hustle. Experiment with it, and start early with a small sum.