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Malaysia komited tangani orang tidak bernegara

Malaysia sendiri berdepan dengan lambakan orang tidak bernegara dan jika tidak ditangani akan memberi impak negatif kepada negara.

Dunia perlu lebih berani tangani krisis Rohingya, kata NGO UK

Presiden Organisasi Rohingya Burmese UK, Tun Khin berkata memberikan kerakyatan sepenuhnya kepada Rohingya adalah lebih baik berbanding sekadar menghantar mereka pulang ke negara asal.

Krisis Rohingya makin runcing, PM Bangladesh gesa komuniti bertindak

Dengan memberi amaran isu serantau sedang dihadapi, Sheikh Hasina berkata krisis melibatkan pelarian Rohingya dari Myanmar merentasi kem pelarian.

Polis tahan 16 termasuk IS, rancang serang ahli politik Malaysia

Suspek yang ditahan juga aktif menyebarkan fahaman Salafi Jihadi dan IS, termasuk merancang melakukan serangan di Malaysia dan Indonesia.

Myanmar’s marvellous sticky rice dessert recipe

Enjoy this Myanmar recipe for a sweet, sticky rice dessert that is very simple to make.

Selesai krisis Rohingya sekarang, Dr M gesa komuniti antarabangsa

Mahathir Mohamad berkata kerajaan Myanmar tidak bersedia mengambil sebarang tindakan menyelesaikan krisis itu.

Rohingya crisis must end now, says Dr M

Speaking in the US, the prime minister says the international community must work together to resolve the situation.

Mosquito trials raise hopes of defeating dengue

Scientists have begun infecting male and female Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes with disease-resistant bacteria, making it harder for them to pass on not only dengue, but Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.

Myanmar’s biggest airport closes after plane skids off runway

There were no injuries reported, but outbound flights had to be delayed and inbound flights suspended.

UN experts fear Myanmar holding tortured insurgents incommunicado

GENEVA: Myanmar is holding insurgent suspects incommunicado in a practice that may be covering up torture, UN human rights experts said on Tuesday. Myanmar's human...

Fourth Rohingya refugee shot dead over Bangladesh murder

There has been an outbreak of violence in recent weeks at refugee camps in southeast Bangladesh.

Myanmar army to punish soldiers involved in Rohingya atrocities

Myanmar is facing growing international calls for accountability over the Rakhine campaign.

Bangladesh says Myanmar lacks ‘will’ to repatriate Rohingya

A fresh push to repatriate the refugees to Myanmar fell flat last week, with no-one turning up to return across the border to Rakhine state.

Myanmar jails filmmaker for Facebook posts critical of military

161 people are in jail or on trial in Myanmar on politically motivated charges says a human rights group.

Myanmar to join US-Asean maritime drills despite sanctions

The inclusion in the drills does not violate US travel bans against Myanmar's commander-in-chief and three senior figures.

Armed with smartphones, Myanmar esports players battle power outages

Myanmar gamers are at risk of missing out a billion-dollar industry with frequent power cuts and few personal computers.

200,000 Rohingya rally to mark ‘Genocide Day’ in Bangladesh camps

The nearly one million Rohingya refugees who fled persecution in Myanmar in 2017 now live in three dozen squalid camps in Bangladesh's southeastern border district of Cox's Bazar.

2 Rohingya refugees killed in Bangladesh camp

Rights activists believe the Bangladesh police staged an encounter with the two men before killing them.

Two years on, Rohingya still in Myanmar trapped by new war

The worsening fighting between Myanmar troops and the Arakan Army has reportedly left Rohingya residents caught in the middle and facing threats from both sides.

Myanmar blames Rohingya repatriation failure on Bangladesh

Myanmar says Bangladesh has failed to distribute correct paperwork for the repatriation of Rohingya refugees.

Myanmar troops’ sexual violence against Rohingya show ‘genocidal intent’

The panel of independent investigators, set up by the UN Human Rights Council in 2017, accused Myanmar's government of failing to hold anyone accountable.

Cambodia says EU rice tariffs hurting farmers

The EU in January imposed tariffs for three years on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar, aiming to protect EU producers such as Italy following a surge in imports from the two Asian countries.

Facebook shuts dozens of Myanmar accounts over ‘inauthentic behaviour’

The people behind the latest deleted Myanmar accounts repurposed legitimate news and entertainment content and posted about national and local topics.

Doubts over fresh Rohingya repatriation attempt to Myanmar

The Rohingya do not want to go home until their safety is guaranteed and they are recognised as citizens of Myanmar.