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Tag: N Ganesan

Court allows ex-Hindraf leader’s appeal against Waytha’s defamation suit

N Ganesan had appealed against a lower court's ruling which ordered him to pay RM100,000 in damages and RM20,000 in costs to P Waytha Moorthy.

Bekas penasihat Hindraf diarah bayar RM50,000 kerana memfitnah

Alasan defendan membuat sidang media bagi kepentingan awam tidak diterima kerana membuat laporan polis tetapi tidak memberi peluang kepada polis menjalankan siasatan terlebih dahulu.

NGO: No citizenship for 3 kids despite DNA test proof

Kids of Butterworth-born lorry driver repeatedly denied citizenship, and may be kicked out of school for third time as Education Department says 'no mother, no deal'.

School’s out for smart but stateless siblings

Good grades are not enough to keep three children without Malaysian birth certificates from being kicked out of school.

‘Threat against Bersih is threat against King and country’

The prime minister ought to step up and condemn the threats as a show of good leadership and example, Bersih's proponents say.

Hindraf: Charge against LGE shows GE14 around the corner

Quick prosecution by ruling elite is an indication it is confident of winning the next general election, says Hindraf's N Ganesan.

Blue IC for stateless Indians a flop, says Hindraf

Campaign for stateless Indians smacks of administrative incompetence and institutionalised racism aimed at keeping things at a status quo, says Hindraf's N Ganesan.