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Tag: N Sivananthan

Let cops investigate, lawyer tells victim of sexual harassment

N Sivananthan says the naming and shaming of the alleged perpetrator is uncalled for pending the outcome of the investigations.

Jangan dwistandard, Putrajaya ditegur selepas hantar pulang warga Thai

Peguam N Sivananthan berkata Putrajaya bertanggungjawab menghantar Naik pulang jika diminta India selepas menghantar pulang seorang warga Thai atas permintaan Thailand.

Tertuduh dakwa Najib tawar RM3.5 juta jika mengaku bunuh Kevin Morais

S Ravi Chandaran mendakwa tawaran itu dibuat melalui pegawai penjara dan mendakwa adik Kevin sendiri, iaitu Richard Morais turut menawarkan RM2 juta.

Lawyer told me to plead guilty to Morais murder, court told

S. Ravi Chandaran, one of the accused in the murder of the deputy public prosecutor in 2015, says the lawyer offered to defend him in return.

Put Sosma trials on hold pending repeal, says lawyer

N Sivananthan says if abolished, the procedural law will not benefit those convicted of organised crimes who have appealed to the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.

Sosma must go as it’s against the rule of law, say...

They say the law has been abused to investigate and charge critics of the former government, instead of militants and terrorists.

Tommy still the best man for Najib case, says lawyer

Jelutong MP RSN Rayer says Tommy Thomas is not involved in political parties and has an untainted reputation in the legal fraternity.

Lawyer: Conflict of interest if AG leads prosecution on Najib

N Sivananthan says it will breach PH's election manifesto if Tommy Thomas continues leading the prosecution team.

Lawyer: Malaysia legally obliged to deport Naik

The preacher's case tests the integrity of the government and the country's legal system, says N Sivananthan.

Lawyer: You can’t give immunity to Jho Low as he is...

Lawyer N Sivananthan on why Dr Mahathir could not agree to businessman's request for immunity from criminal prosecution.

Lawyer: Solicitor-general can withdraw charges against Guan Eng

Lim's corruption trial is scheduled to continue at the High Court in Penang on Monday.

Prisons needs to meet minimum UN guidelines

Jails will only produce hardcore criminals if prisoners are treated inhumanely, says lawyer