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Canada takes first step to ratify continental trade pact

'And I think you know, as the minister says, we want to be in position where we can move in tandem with the United States and Mexico on this deal.'

Trump has a message for the world: My trade wars aren’t...

The US president offered a vivid reminder that, even as he moves toward a deal with China to end their tariff wars, he has other relationships he’s eager to rewrite.

Trump says will formally terminate NAFTA soon

Trump tells reporters aboard Air Force One that he would give formal notice to Congress on "terminating" NAFTA "within a relatively short period of time."

Canada to work with China on eventual free trade deal despite...

The clause fits in with US President Donald Trump’s efforts to isolate China economically and prevent Chinese companies from using Canada or Mexico as a back door to ship products tariff-free to the US.

Working with Trump ‘not always simple,’ says Trudeau

MONTREAL: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said working with US President Donald Trump is "not always simple," as he welcomed the successful renegotiation of...

Trump clears deck for China trade war by striking new Nafta...

By settling on a deal with America’s neighbours, Trump is strengthening his negotiating position vis-a-vis strategic competitor Beijing.

Trump hits Brazil, India commerce after clinching N. American trade deal

Trump's 'America First' trade policies, particularly his escalating trade war with China, are aimed at boosting US manufacturing, but they have spooked investors who worry that supply lines could be fractured and global growth derailed.

Trump hails new US-Canada-Mexico trade pact

Known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the new deal was agreed in a deadline deal late Sunday night, after more than a year of tough negotiations to revamp a 24-year-old continental trade pact Trump had labelled a disaster.

Canadian dollar jumps after Nafta trade deal reports

The loonie was up 0.7% from its Friday close at 1.2814 to one US dollar, following reports from Canadian media on a trade deal.

Canada, US reach Nafta deal

The two sides will issue a joint statement within hours.

US, Canada hold last-minute Nafta talks as deadline looms

Ottawa and Washington remain at odds over Canada's managed dairy sector, and the dispute resolution provisions in Nafta.

Canada, US make progress in bid to save NAFTA, no deal...

The two nations are trying to find a way to update the North American Free Trade Agreement and prevent it from collapsing.

Mexico says US, Canada could reach new Nafta deal in 48...

Mexican Economy Minister Guajardo insisted that even if no 11th-hour US-Canadian deal is reached, a three-way deal would still be possible.

Trudeau rebuffs Trump’s trade talks criticism

Any fondness between the two leaders has vanished as it became clear after Trudeau brushed off Trump's criticism of Canada's negotiating style in continental trade talks.

Canada PM says won’t be rushed on NAFTA, new deal not...

The Trump administration has said the text of an agreement between the three nations is needed by Sunday to allow the current Mexican government to sign it before it leaves office at the end of November.

Nafta talks likely to continue on sidelines of UN meeting, says...

Ottawa and Washington remain at odds over Canada's managed dairy sector, and the dispute resolution provisions in Nafta.

Nafta’s latest deadline day came and went without a Canada deal

The US wants to kill the panels, enshrined in Chapter 19 of the current Nafta, while Canada wants to keep them in some form.

Canada’s Freeland to hold Nafta talks as time runs short

US President Donald Trump has struck a trade deal with Mexico and threatened to push ahead without Canada.

US agriculture chief says Nafta deal must end Canada’s milk protein...

Canada's closed, US$16 billion dairy market is among the last sticking points in talks between US and Canada.

Canada optimistic Nafta deal can be struck this month

President Donald Trump has struck a trade deal with Mexico and threatened to push ahead without Canada, a move that would kill Nafta.

US, Canadian trade negotiators set for second day of talks

Trump nearly tore up the Nafta pact last year after visiting farmers in Wisconsin, a major US dairy producer that Washington says has been hurt by Canadian protectionism.

Mexican businesses back two-way trade deal with US

The head of the Mexican negotiating team praised this group on Monday for its key role in the talks.

Trump threatens to exclude Canada from new Nafta deal

The US and Mexico had announced a breakthrough accord on Monday, potentially leaving Canada out in the cold.

US-Mexico trade talks may pivot from metals tariffs to quotas

A quota system would keep US metal prices high by limiting supply and lead to potential shortages - any push for quotas faces strong opposition in all three countries.