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Tag: Najib-Kit Siang

Do you have a problem, Najib asks Kit Siang in latest...

This comes a week after a public debate between the two was cancelled.

Najib taunts Kit Siang with questions he would have asked in...

Former PM says he would have asked the DAP leader not only about 1MDB and ECRL but also on the corruption case involving his son Guan Eng.

Jom debat kleptokrasi, Lim sahut cabaran debat Najib

Pemimpin veteran DAP itu melancarkan serangan baru ke atas bekas perdana menteri.

Let’s debate on kleptocracy, Kit Siang accepts Najib’s debate dare

The DAP supremo launches fresh attacks on the former prime minister.

Najib says he has more time now to debate with Dr...

The former prime minister explains why he could not attend the 'Nothing2hide' forum in the past.

Najib to Kit Siang: Enough sniping, let’s have a debate

Former prime minister says DAP's Lim Kit Siang 'can ask me anything, even about 1MDB'.