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Debate on kleptocracy fine, let’s do it after Raya, Najib tells...

But the former PM says other topics should also be included in the debate.

Why conflicting time frames for economic recovery, queries Najib’

He says the government had initially announced it would need six months for the economy to recover, then it was three years and now it is 10 years

Najib facing problems accessing his bank records, says lawyer

Muhammad Shafee Abdullah says this is hampering the legal team from preparing the ex-prime minister's defence in the SRC case.

If I’d known RM42 mil was for Najib, I wouldn’t have...

Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman, of Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd, says he just followed orders from Yayasan Rakyat 1Malaysia senior executives as they were providing the funds for corporate social responsibility programmes.

I was in Sandakan for only half a day, Najib tells...

The ex-PM says in comparison, the DAP supremo campaigned daily in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih, yet PH lost.

Show some remorse, RSN Rayer tells Najib

He says Najib should stop going around calling himself 'Bossku' despite facing many charges.

Deepak to ‘tell all’ on Al Jazeera but Najib says claims...

Former prime minister Najib Razak says if businessman Deepak Jaikishan has evidence, he should bring it to MACC for investigation.

Najib denies news report he took selfie during court proceedings

His lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah lambast the irresponsible report, saying journalists should not behave like estate people if they want to be treated as the fourth estate.

27 luxury vehicles, 29 bank accounts not mine, says Najib

Report by The EdgeMarkets made it seem like this and a property in the Klang Valley belonged to me and my family, says former prime minister.

PH settling for return of less money from 1MDB, says Najib

Former prime minister says his administration sought return of all the US$4.5 billion which allegedly went missing after it was transferred to IPIC.

Pensioners’ fund was reluctant to give 2nd RM2 bil loan to...

KWAP suggested a higher interest rate of 4.6% but the deal went through as it was a government-guaranteed loan, says its former vice-president.

Pensioners’ fund loaned RM2 bil to SRC without full documents, says...

KWAP's ex-senior executive Amirul Imran Ahmat says he had seen a guarantee letter for the loan signed by former second finance minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

Fix economy first instead of focusing on Rome Statute, says Najib

He questions need to debate this issue now 'to the point of fighting among ourselves, within the PH government and the Malay Rulers'.

Najib allowed SRC director to take charge of his 5 accounts,...

AmBank manager R Uma Devi gives evidence on the cheques and amounts transferred into Najib's accounts.

Najib gave funds to late husband’s family, witness tells court

Statistician says she also received RM13,800 for her children's education.

5 reasons how PH failed Felda, according to Najib

He says settlers were misled by Pakatan's promises and avoided repaying, causing Felda's cash flow problem.

Cops to probe uploading of video on Najib’s trial

Clip shows Najib's counsel questioning a witness.

Najib: Pakatan’s blunders caused fall in Tabung Haji dividends

The former prime minister says investors were scared off by claims made about the country’s RM1 trillion debt and news of the pilgrims’ fund being short of RM4 billion.

Anwar a better leader than Najib, Dr M says

The prime minister says it is more acceptable for the PKR president to lead the country than his predecessor.

Najib laments drop in Tabung Haji dividends

The former prime minister says it is the worse performance of the pilgrims fund in the country's history.

Najib should have been given discharge in SRC case, says Shafee

The lawyer says the ex-PM should have been charged again in the Sessions Court after the attorney-general withdrew his transfer certificate.

RM2.6 bil donation not taxable, insists Najib

The former prime minister says his tax bill is not justified.

Lokman to be charged over UM scuffle tomorrow

The Umno Supreme Council member was told to present himself at court, according to a police summons.

Pandemonium in Dewan as Guan Eng and Najib trade barbs on...

Shouting match begins after Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng brings up the issue of 1MDB's debts, which he said were 'hidden'.