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Rolling Stones have space rock named after them

The Rolling Stones called the honour a milestone in their long and eventful history.

Mujahid suggests a ‘Jalan Harmoni’ in Brickfields to reflect racial unity

Inspired by a similar street in Penang, dotted with various houses of worship, the minister in charge of Islamic affairs is proposing a name change.

What’s in a place’s name?

Countries change their names for a multitude of reasons – historical, political, ideological or to make them more accurately reflect the correct name in the local language.

UK neo-Nazis who named son after Hitler guilty of terror offence

This after the court was shown photographs of Adam Thomas wearing KKK robes while holding his baby.

Tsipras hails ‘historic’ Macedonian name change vote

Macedonia's parliament voted to start the process of renaming the country the Republic of North Macedonia.

Macedonia MPs vote to start name change process

Amendments will now be drafted to incorporate the new name into the constitution, after which another parliamentary vote will be required to enshrine the changes.

Why horses are named Bogart, Curtis but not Caine

Chelsea Thoroughbreds' co-founder James Ramsden is largely responsible for coming up with themes for each different age group.

Macedonia lawmakers to vote on name change deal with Greece

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev faces an uphill battle to get the necessary votes to rename the Balkan state North Macedonia to end the row with Athens.

Macedonians vote on whether to change country’s name

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev argues that accepting a new name is a price worth paying for admission into the EU and NATO.

Maintain original Kerinchi name, urges Lembah Pantai MP

He says this will ensure future generations continue to know the history of area.

Name and shame the top judge, says ex-judge over claim of...

No judge whether even from a superior court has the right to interfere in how a judgment is delivered, says Gopal Sri Ram.

LeBron regrets pressuring son by naming him LeBron Jr.

James also talked about the emotions he feels while watching his sons play in basketball tournaments, something he's done much more frequently in recent years.

Greeks reject Macedonia name deal in poll

Fifty-eight percent of Greeks oppose the agreement to rename Greece's northern neighbour North Macedonia.

Greek defense minister says will try to block Macedonia deal

Panos Kammenos of the Independent Greeks vehemently opposes the deal regarding the name "Macedonia".

No longer just “Rothschild” as bank dynasty’s branches settle name dispute

Rothschild & Co will stop using the website domain www.rothschild.com, a company spokeswoman said.

Greek minister optimistic over Macedonia name deal, despite hurdles

However, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias also wants Macedonia to change its constitution with regard to its name.

‘We have a deal,’ say Greece and Macedonia over name dispute

Macedonia is set to be renamed the "Republic of Northern Macedonia".

Shafie to name state Cabinet members

The focus is on who Shafie Apdal will appoint to take over from Masidi Manjun as the face of Sabah’s tourism industry.

Reject ugly politics, urges tycoon Lee Kim Yew

He says when democracy becomes sick people need to look at the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara to move forward.

‘Bangsar South’ means nothing, give us back ‘Kerinchi’, say residents

They say the area's history is bound up in the name and agree with PH candidate Fahmi Fadzil who says he will push for a return to 'Kerinchi'.

Mattis applauds Macedonia effort to solve name dispute

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis also expressed his wish for Macedonia to become a NATO member.

Messi scores in trademark tussle in EU court

The EU General Court ruled that Lionel Messi was well-known enough to avoid being confused with Spanish bicycle clothing brand Massi.

King renames Swaziland as ‘eSwatini’

King Mswati III renamed his country to mark 50 years of independence from the United Kingdom.

Greek opposition won’t back deal on name unless Skopje changes constitution

A dispute over the use of the name "Macedonia" has prevented Macedonia from joining NATO and the European Union.