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Macedonia, Greece seek to settle name dispute

Greece and Macedonia have feuded over the right to use the name "Macedonia" since 1991, when Macedonia gained independence.

Baby Donald Trump causes a stir in Afghanistan

Sayed Assadullah Pooya says he and his wife have been inundated with "vulgar and insulting" comments attacking their choice of name for their third child.

Le Pen’s far-right rebrand off to a rocky start

Marine Le Pen claims that the name of her National Front party may imply racism.

Video used against VK Lingam in disciplinary inquiry not authentic, court...

Lawyer for Lingam says the video recording shown at the inquiry of the disbarred lawyer allegedly talking to a former chief judge, and taken by former Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne, was not the original video and may be taken out of context.

Ambiga: Shafee smeared Anwar’s name even after final sodomy verdict

She tells Court of Appeal the lawyer even spoke at an Umno-organised forum and divulged in-camera evidence of the sordid trial.

Meryl Streep wants to trademark her own name

Her patent application requests that her name be trademarked for “entertainment services,” movie appearances, speaking engagements, and autographs.

Tens of thousands join Greek protest over Macedonia name row

At least 400,000 people participated in the protest intended to persuade the Macedonian government to cease using that name for its country.

Macedonia: The decades-long quarrel over its name

The name of the country of Macedonia has led to many disputes between the Balkan nation and Greece.

N Korea ticks off Malaysian media over country’s official name

Translator for Asian Cup match says there is no such thing as ‘North Korea’.

Is ‘Jihad’ an acceptable name? French judge to rule

Though "jihad" can mean a personal and non-violent struggle against sin for Muslims, rather than an Islamic holy war, the word has become associated with the extremists who have attacked France repeatedly in recent years.

So how do mega-storms get named, anyhow?

Naming tropical storms that may morph into killer hurricanes is serious business, which is why the UN's World Meteorological Organization (WMO) maintains veto power.

We used ‘Harapan’ first, claims Parti Harapan Malaysia

Party says it applied for registration under Registrar of Societies in 2015 when opposition pact was still known as Pakatan Rakyat.

Melaka, not Malacca, from now on

State executive council has decided to standardise the spelling of Melaka in all languages in the media.

Report against Amanah for using Nik Aziz’s name in seminar

Nik Aziz’s family considers it an insult to the late Tok Guru, ‘who was always consistent in the PAS struggle when he was alive’.

AirAsia to change name of klia2 to LCCT2 on website

Its CEO Aireen Omar says if MAHB is agreeable to the rebranding of klia2, AirAsia would be willing to bear the cost.