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Tag: narcotics

Local airlines crew turning drug mules worry cops

Bukit Aman anti-narcotics chief Mohmad Salleh says airline crew members have been caught in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand for such offences.

Over 53,000 arrested for drug-related offences in 2018, says top cop

Mohamad Fuzi Harun warns police personnel against getting involved in any drug-related offences.

Home ministry confirms 3 elite police task forces disbanded in June

Deputy Home Minister Mohd Azis Jamman says the decision was taken because there was an overlap in duties, resulting in finger-pointing.

Thousands of Philippine poor nabbed in Duterte’s latest war – on...

Formerly a mayor for two decades, Duterte built his career on his 'tough-on-crime' image. When he ran for president, he promised to kill thousands of narcotics dealers.

Heroin is one of biggest Mozambique exports, researchers say

As much as US$800 million worth of the narcotic is shipped annually from its beaches to neighbouring countries and to Europe.

‘Narco-deforestation’ may boost disaster risks in Central America

Huge sections of forest had been cut by drug trafficking gangs and turned into cattle ranches aimed at laundering illegal drug profits.

Colombian vet charged in US with smuggling heroin in puppies’ bellies

Andrés López Elorez allegedly smuggled heroin into the US from Colombia by surgically implanting packets of liquid heroin into puppies' bellies.

Seeking Mr AJ, Malaysian drug lord

Thai police say he was behind an unsuccessful attempt at smuggling 700kg of 'Ice' into Malaysia.

Drug war hampered by easy access to synthetic drugs, says report

AADK director-general Abdul Halim Hussein says drugs like methamphetamine, ecstasy and ketamine are easily produced in home factories or available online.

Indonesia: Putrajaya lacks resolve to fight drug smuggling

Indonesia's anti-narcotics agency says numerous complains to Malaysian government about flood of drugs from Malaysia to Indonesia have gone unheeded.

Syndicate crippled, RM6.2 million drugs seized in JB

Police have arrested 12 suspects from several countries to help with investigations.

Major reshuffle of senior police officers

A total of 74 officers are being transferred or promoted, with the internal security and public order department and the narcotics department getting new directors.

Selling drugs online prohibited, even for medical purposes

Controlled drugs used as medicine need a prescription by qualified medical personnel before they can be given to patients, says health minister Dr S Subramaniam.

Dr Ganja ring selling drug-laced cakes, chocolates busted

Styling itself as 'Dr Ganja', Klang-based syndicate even offered medical services for illnesses hospitals were unable to handle as a cover to push more drugs.

Thais to question Malaysian for alleged ties to drug kingpin

Thai officials to travel to Malaysia to question Kamarudin Awang, who was arrested in Kelantan recently for his alleged links to an 'Asean drug lord'.

5 Rohingya ‘refugees’ arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Kedah police chief calls suspects a disgrace considering current Rohingya issue between Malaysia and Myanmar and urges migrants to 'earn a living and not become drug dealers'.

Three Taiwanese among six detained in RM3m drug bust

The drugs were brought into the country by sea and hidden inside products like radiators to avoid detection by the authorities.

Cops slashed by drug pushers in house search

Attacked by two men when suspected drug addicts were ordered to come out of vacant house in Cheras