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Ex-RBI chief flags risks for India’s overseas borrowing plan

Raghuram Rajan says a global bond sale would not reduce the amount of domestic government bonds the local market has to absorb.

Trump again says Indian tariffs on US goods unacceptable

Donald Trump says India's tariffs on US goods no longer acceptable.

Bond traders raise questions over India’s tax revenue forecasts

A note of caution is creeping in among bond traders over India’s latest budget.

India may raise US$10 bil selling bonds overseas

Subash Garg says India's plan to raise US$10 billion from its first overseas sovereign bonds is a cautions beginning requiring an embarkment. 

Modi renews vow to sell Air India after last attempt flop

Narendra Modi plans to raise US$15.3 billion selling stakes in state-run companies,part of his efforts to sell Air India.

Rahul Gandhi resigns as India’s opposition Congress leader

Rahul Gandhi's resignation comes after his defeat to Narendra Modi in national elections.

Trump asks India to reverse ‘unacceptable’ tariffs on US goods

President Donald Trump calls on India to withdraw an 'unacceptable' increase in tariffs on US goods, ratcheting up tension against the Asian nation before a planned meeting with Modi.

Modi and mutts on mats for International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day observed mostly in India but also worldwide on the Northern Hemisphere's longest day, was Indian PM Narendra Modi's idea

India’s Modi makes unscheduled stop at bombed Sri Lanka church

Narendra Modi makes a detour to a Catholic church bombed during Easter Sunday attacks on his way to President Maithripala Sirisena's office.

4 dead in shootout between rival Indian political parties

Three supporters of India's ruling right-wing party and another from a rival regional party are killed in a gun battle in West Bengal state, police say.

US cuts off India’s preferential trade access

The announcement is the latest headwind to threaten the Hindu nationalist government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India PM Modi makes major cabinet changes for new term

Former Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah will now take on a home minister role as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reshuffles his cabinet.

India’s Modi sworn in ahead of unveiling revamped govt

Narendra Modi will announce new finance and foreign ministers as well as find a top post for his trusted enforcer, BJP president Amit Shah.

India’s Modi to host China’s Xi for informal summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host Chinese President Xi Jinping this year for an informal summit after meeting several times over the past year to try to defuse tension.

Modi’s party consolidates win with opposition defections

Almost all the people joining the BJP are from the Trinamool Congress, led by Mamata Banerjee, who is one of Modi's biggest critics.

India snubs Pakistan for Modi’s swearing-in ceremony

The leaders of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan have been invited to Narendra Modi's swearing-in.

Khan speaks with Modi to congratulate him on election win

India's Ministry of External Affairs confirmed Khan speak with Modi, adding the two leaders had discussed fighting poverty together.

Modi dilantik perdana menteri India untuk penggal ke-2

Pakatan pembangkang diketuai Rahul Gandhi memenangi hanya 52 kerusi dalam pilihan raya umum baru-baru ini.

Modi plots course after landslide Indian election win

Following a landslide victory in recent elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's post-electorial plans include addressing India's economic growth, reducing unemployment, and improving the agriculture sector.

BJP menang besar dalam pilihan raya India

BJP mendahului di hampir 300 kerusi, manakala pakatan pembangkang Kongres meraih kemenangan di 53 kawasan.

Indian stocks hit record highs on Modi polls lead

Narendra Modi's BJP win sets the country's expectation on economic reforms as stocks jumped a record high today.

Modi wins historic general election victory, party says

Official data says the BJP is ahead in 292 of the 542 seats available, well over the 272 seats needed for a majority in the lower house of parliament.

Modi meditates as India mega polls near end

Modi has special permission from the national poll watchdog for the trip as election rules prohibit any campaigning 48 hours before voting.

Uttar Pradesh: the key prize in India’s election

Uttar Pradesh remains as India's top price in its election, its the largest state with 200 million people currently governed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP.