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What happened to the Apollo goodwill moon rocks?

While some hold pride of place in museums and scientific institutions, many others are unaccounted for.

NASA buka stesen angkasa lepas kepada pelancong

Menurut CNBC, misi pelancong ke ISS akan menelan kos AS$50 juta dengan NASA mengaut keuntungan sebanyak AS$35,000 setiap perjalanan.

Trump: NASA should stop talking about going back to the Moon

US President Donald Trump rarely tweets about space or NASA.

NASA to open International Space Station to tourists from 2020

The tourists will pay NASA for their use of the station, for food, water and use of the life support system.

NASA executive quits weeks after appointment

His departure comes after lawmakers rejected NASA's proposal to create a separate directorate to oversee future lunar missions.

After the Moon, people on Mars by 2033…or 2060

'The Moon is our path to get to Mars in the fastest, safest way possible. That's why we go to the Moon,' NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine says.

Trump seeks extra US$1.6 bln in Nasa spending under goal of...

Trump administration is requesting Congress to increase NASA spending by nearly US$2 billion to move closer towards its goal of returning American astronauts to the moon by 2024.

Metals fraud caused US$700 mil satellite failure, says Nasa

The US Space Agency concludes fake tests results has cost NASA more than US$700 million losses and resulting in two failed satellite launch missions.

NASA probe detects likely ‘marsquake’

The marsquake, equivalent to a 2.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded on April 6.

Incident on SpaceX pad could delay its first manned flight

A photo on the Florida Today website showed large amounts of smoke pouring out of the test site.

Indian satellite destruction endangered ISS

The satellite destruction created 400 pieces of orbital debris and led to new dangers for astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

UFO mungkin wujud, NASA halang angkasawan dedah penampakannya

Penerbit Hollywood siasat kebenaran angkasawan tidak dibenarkan dedah Nampak objek asing di angkasa lepas

NASA publishes images of the meteor no one saw

A powerful meteor which appeared just above the Bering Sea on Dec 18, exploded releasing around 173 kilotonnes of energy, more than 10 times that of the atomic bomb blast over Hiroshima in WW2.

Penemuan terbaru NASA… Molekul air didapati melompat di permukaan Bulan

NASA berjaya mengesan molekul air di bawah permukaan tanah Bulan di beberapa lokasi berbeza

NASA akan memilih wanita pertama untuk jejak kaki di Marikh dan...

Jika sebelum ini lelaki jejak kaki ke angkasa namun kali ini wanita akan diberi peluang cipta sejarah jejak di Marikh dan bulan

Vintage film format brings ‘Apollo 11’ back to life

The images of the very first space mission in 1969, will see viewers glued to the movie screens.

NASA captures unprecedented images of supersonic shockwaves

The images were produced by an advanced camera carried on another aircraft, which flew above the two supersonic jets.

Behind every white man on the moon is a black woman...

Despite the institutionalised racism of her time, Katherine Johnson, a woman of colour did the math that allowed her countrymen to land on the Moon.

SpaceX Dragon capsule approaches ISS for docking

The capsule has made two orbits since its launch from the Kennedy Space Centre.

SpaceX, Nasa prepare to test new astronaut capsule

Nasa plans to put two astronauts on board SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule by the end of the year if the test goes smoothly.

Nasa says SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is ready to fly to space...

The 27-foot long Crew Dragon will carry some cargo, radiation monitors and a full-scale “dummy” to replicate an astronaut.

NASA heads back to Moon

The US space agency plans to build a small space station in the Moon's orbit by 2026.

At Sundance, a fresh look at man’s first walk on the...

It's easy to think that 50 years on, we know everything there is to know about the Apollo 11 mission and man's legendary first footsteps on the Moon.

More asteroids strike Earth since age of dinosaurs

More research is needed to figure out how the pace of asteroid impacts has changed over the past 290 million years or so.