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2 island must-eats when on a day trip to Penang

Mee Sotong Hameed Pata and Nasi Kandar Deens Maju are two unforgettable eateries in Penang.

Pekerja kedai nasi kandar warga India dipercayai bunuh rakan sebelum gantung...

Mayat dua lelaki warga India ditemui rakan rumah sewaan mereka di Taman Bertam Ria, Kepala Batas, kira-kira pukul 6.00 petang semalam.

Nasi kandar shop workers dead in ‘murder-suicide’

One man found hanged from ceiling fan and another man found dead in bathroom with stab wounds.

Getting to grips with Najib’s ‘bossku’ phenomenon

Former prime minister says he finds it extraordinary that people are willing to wait for him even up to 1am.

When KL dethrones Penang in the Nasi Kandar League

While Penang is generally regarded as Nasi Kandar haven, KL has a few choice Nasi Kandar shops of its own that rival those up north.

10 things to do during long holiday getaways

When long holidays come a-calling, you know what you have to do - jump into that car and take off on a series of unforgettable experiences.

Nasi kandar paling ‘umph’ di Tajuddin Hussain

Masakan-masakan yang ditawarkan di restoran ini menggunakan bahan makanan yang unik seperti burung merpati, angsa, puyuh dan ayam belanda.

6 ‘hidden’ nasi kandar eats in Penang

Penang is synonymous with nasi kandar and here are six restaurants tucked away so well, only the locals know about them.

Kayu: The ‘original’ nasi kandar we can’t get enough of

Even after 45 years, the Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar is a favourite among Malaysians who crave its steaming white rice sloshed with a medley of curries.

Motorist who crashed into nasi kandar shop in Penang fined RM10,000

Nobody was injured in the accident.

Pieces of chicken fly at nasi kandar shop during brawl

Fight erupts after four men yell for waiter but two men at another table think they are shouting at them.

Car ploughs through Penang nasi kandar shop

Restaurant filled with people but nobody hurt.

Widespread apathy towards food hygiene shocking

There is nothing to be proud of if food stalls are rat-infested and dirty, however delicious the food may be to the locals.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar gets ‘all clear’ to reopen

Restaurant celebrates clean bill of health with free flow of cordial drinks for customers tomorrow.

Stop dirty eateries from continuing to operate

Operating in the same spot for 70 years does not give any restaurant the right to stay, as the owners have saved huge sums of money from not paying rent.

George Town’s Line Clear found teeming with rats, cockroaches

Epicurean 'holy trinity' of Indian Muslim eateries in Penang ordered to clean up after discovery of rodents, pests and faecal droppings in their premises.

We don’t serve dog meat, assert mamak restaurants

Indian Muslim restaurant owners in Kulim claim business has been affected by a widely circulated message warning of dog meat being passed off as mutton.

Longer queue at Nasi Vanggey after second mention by Najib

PM draws attention to nasi kandar shop in Budget speech, after having mentioned it in Merdeka message.

‘Icon of unity’ Nasi Vanggey gets special praise from PM

Prime Minister Najib Razak's National Day speech at PWTC highlighted popular nasi kandar from Ipoh, aside from badminton hero Lee Chong Wei and celebrity cartoonist Lat.

Commotion at nasi kandar shop due to criminal intimidation

Police say reports of a robbery at Restaurant Deen Nasi Kandar are premature.

Line Clear nasi kandar reopens under new family partner

Long dispute among descendants of founding families ends as old operator moves out by court order

Amin Beyond pernah ramal hayatnya berakhir akibat ditembak

Pengusaha nasi kandar itu menegaskan dalam status Facebook bahawa dia tidak takut mati serta berserah kepada Allah SWT.