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Amanah: Don’t be fooled by TH’s financial report

The recent sale of a London asset was akin to selling the goose that lays the golden egg, says Salahuddin.

Nobody’s going back to PAS, says Amanah

Salahuddin says more are leaving PAS to join his party. Dr Dzul says Takiyuddin is indulging in wishful thinking.

TPPA: PAS wants referendum, DAP has concerns

PAS labels TPPA debate in Parliament a political show while DAP says inaccurate information is being circulated about the trade pact.

TPPA carve-out only for cronies, says MP

Wong Chen rejects Shahrir's argument that those opposed to the agreement are motivated by their liberal agenda.

Wong Chen tells Najib to ‘man up’ on TPPA

The Kelana Jaya MP says the PM wants to pass the buck to Parliament if things go sour.

Child conversion: MP calls for constitutional changes

PKR's Gooi says there must be clarity in defining what matters come under the jurisdiction of the Shariah Court.

Our foreign policy among world’s worst, says MP

'Malaysia is running back and forth between China and the US.'

‘TPPA is about politics, not economics’

Wong Chen says critics should go after Najib and Anifah and give Mustapa a break.

PKR to Adnan: ‘Suspend bauxite mining or resign’

PKR Kuantan MP submits memorandum to Pahang chief minister, issuing ultimatum that he should quit his position by tonight.