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Ibrahim slams Budget half-measures for bumiputeras

Perkasa president calls for financing and loan fund for commercial properties and business premises.

Raja Muda of Perlis appointed chancellor for fourth term

Tuanku Syed Faizzuddin receives his credentials for five-year term until December 2021.

Watch your mouth, Khairuddin warns Jamal

Mahathir supporter says Red Shirts leader is a 'two-bit gangster' for wanting to spit on ex-premier's hand.

Chong questions budget speech silence on corruption

It’s not about how much is given in the Budget, it’s about how it’s being used, says Sarawak DAP chairman.

Cop to be charged with vehicle theft

The man is believed to have stolen his superiors' cars from Bukit Aman before selling them off in Selangor.

Cabbie murder solved, says KL police

A Pakistani national and his accomplice have been arrested.

Fake PhDs: Ministry studying if this can be punished

Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh says the guidelines on the issue will be available in two months' time.

Passersby knock armed robber off bike

Police recover RM655 stolen from furniture store and have seized the motorcycle.

Man caught uploading child porn

Local police were alerted by their Taiwanese counterparts to the man's activities.

‘Cop’ who got beaten up in video was a m-cycle thief

Police say the suspect was posing as a police officer and had been involved in a theft case in Kuantan last month.

Lelaki dibelasah bukan polis, tapi pencuri motorsikal

Pencuri itu menyamar sebagai polis tetapi ditangkap orang awam

Red Shirts set up legal squad

The legal squad has set guidelines for Red Shirts members to follow during their demonstration on the same day as Bersih 5.

Red Shirts acting like gangsters, says new NGO

Gerhana President Ridzuan Abdullah calls for police to take stern action against them , saying that Red Shirts does not have Najib's support nor approval.

Gerhana wants special panel to monitor budget allocations

Its president Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah says he is shocked many NGOs have not received funds allocated in Budget 2016.

Shafie reserves comment on Sabah water deals

Semporna MP says state leaders showing lack of respect for MACC by trying to divert blame about federal allocations for water projects.

Pregnant teens dicing with death, says expert

Pregnancy is the second-highest cause of death among teenagers between 15 and 19 years old.

Education the key to stopping child marriages

Unicef rep says 2010 Malaysian census shows that 82,000 girls and 73,000 boys were married, but 'even one case of child marriage is wrong.'

Amanah and PAS are both politicising Islam, says Ti

MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman Ti Lian Ker says Amanah's counter proposal to PAS President Hadi Awang's Bill shows that the two Islamist parties are more alike than they think.

Citizens’ Declaration was not a waste, says Zaid

The former law minister says the voice of the people had significance and it cannot be ignored.

MP hands in 200 objections to redelineation exercise

Election Commission's redelineation exercise breaks "local ties" and goes against the concept of a multiracial Malaysia, says Klang MP Charles Santiago.

‘EC seen as no longer independent in public’s eyes’

Former Bar Council President Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari says the people are under the impression that the EC's purpose is to ensure BN remains in power.

Teng: Standards needed for cross-border trade

Selangor Exco member Teng Chang Khim says Malaysia has a very small market of about only 30 million, but there is a much larger market of about 600 million in Southeast Asia.

Amanah provides counter proposal to Hadi’s bill

It suggests formation of special committee of shariah judges and scholars to work out empowerment mechanisms and salary schemes, saying this will have the support of everyone.

Everyone can complain, say political analysts

Analysts say Raja Sara Petra’s statement that eligible voters who do not vote have no right to complain, is wrong.