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Tag: national car project

Anti-graft group tells govt to come clean on third national car...

C4 says the project would require huge government-guaranteed funding.

Wee: When did Khazanah become private company?

Former minister asks whether PKR, DAP, Amanah and PPBM agree with Dr Mahathir that 'Khazanah is not the government'.

Wee concerned over shortlisted partners for 3rd national car project

MCA deputy president repeats call to the government to make three promises in writing if it decides to go ahead with the project.

3rd national car project: Private sector will have to do it,...

The prime minister says Putrajaya does not have enough money to fund the proposed project.

Is the government trying to pick the winner again?

The government is the least qualified to know which industry will turn out to be the new 'champion' of the future.

Dr M, here’s why we don’t need another national car

The car manufacturing industry has changed over the years, and Malaysia should try and participate in future developments, not continue floundering where we have already missed the boat.